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Can't Stop Crying Around Spirits


I'm not sure if I am explaining this right but for a little while now, whenever I do any paranormal investigations I always start crying before the entity (doesn't matter what it is demon or ghost) presents itself. Even when I am watching somone else's footage of them capturing an entity speaking on an EVP or as scary as them being attacked if it is real I start crying uncontrollably. I don't plan on it and I can't stop it, it just happens. I'm not sad or scared but I'm not sure how to explain it. I feel as though I want to comfort whatever is reaching out or speak to them, if it is a bad entity I feel an over whelming need to yell at it to go back. But I'm still not scared even though I should be. It sounds so crazy. I'm sorry for my lack of description on the matter.

I also when this happens get really cold hands and my friends who are with me say that they can almost feel a draft coming from my hands like I am projecting wind from my hands. I have also predicted some of my family members deaths. Like when my cousin died I dreamt of myself crying with red hair but when I dreamt it I had long brown hair. I had cut my hair a month before and dyed it red. She died and when she died I was sitting in the same spot I had dream that about crying. I feel like I should have done something to stop her death. This has came before the events of above, so could they be linked?

Also my little cousin came to me the other day saying she feels like she can only speak to me about this, that she dreams the future and her sister dreams about demons and spirits. They are only 9 and 10 and I haven't told any of my family about this as they are strongly opposed to the idea of the paranormal and supernatural gifts, and don't believe such a thing exists. I have no idea what to tell them as I'm afraid my family will get mad at me. So please any help would be great. Thank you.

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lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-03)
Dear Lucky28

First of all, such situation you described is not an attack is just a suffering spirit that "chose" you in some way in order to get some help/relief from you.

You can help this spirit in several ways: first pray for him and second pray for good spirits help him. You can try to talk to this spirit giving some confort, being supportive to his needs! Read

If you really want to help your cousins you will need to study in order to evangelize them. They have to learn about God and Jesus (spiritual ruler of our planet).

Spiritism exists since man start to communicate with spirits, like Moses, Joan d'Arc etc. You and your cousins are mediums you have the hability to communicate with spirits, by this reasson you must study all the books from Allan Kardec (you can freely download in the internet pdf files).

At certain point you will need to talk to your family about what is going on and ask for their support, mostly the parents of your cousins!

Also you can try to find an spiritist center near you.

H t t p://

Try them! In case you don't have one near you pse contact me!

Good study
SkyQueenJes (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-02)
I believe that if a spirit is making you feel such emotions, it may be a spiritual attack. I get them a lot too. If not a spiritual attack, you might be feeling the pain others felt before the death of this person
Lucky28 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-30)
thank you for your help. I have since taken my cousins out for a day and sat them down and explained to them that I believe them and it happens to me too sometimes. I told them that they can speak to me about anything they don't want to tell their parents and I'll never get mad at them. I fell like they are more relaxed and happier now that someone believes them and that makes me stop worrying about them a little bit less.
Also your advice is great I will be studying this a lot more now. I wasn't sure exactly what I was or even if it was normal for this to happen on investigations but I have told my team I will no longer be going on investigations for a while until I can get help as I have been trying to manage and figure this out on my own for a while. I'm glad I can speak to like minded people.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-29)
I would like to give you some advice about your cousins first because, that is the most important issue in your story right now. The fact that they came to confide in you even at this young age speaks volumes. They feel that they can trust you and you need to be there for them now and in the future. Kids have active imaginations and parents always take that route of explaining things to reassure them. To a kid sometimes they equate this to not listening or believing them. If a child is truly psychic it can be really and extremely confusing and frightening to them.
You need to listen to them, tell them you believe them and thank them for trusting you enough to tell you. Then assure them that they can tell you anything and you won't tell anyone else unless they say it's ok. This gives them a safe outlet for their concerns and fears. They may really need you in the future. Not everyone is comfortable talking about paranormal or supernatural things. Don't discuss it with their parents right now. Their parents might restrict your time with your cousins when they need you the most and it will be much harder for the kids. Keep an open dialogue with them and reassure them that you would do anything you could to protect them from harm.
Now on to you. I believe that you are a strong empath and you need to study more on how to protect yourself and shut down or control your gift. You need to learn how to dial up and close down your sensitivities. This will take practice and guidance. You need to seek out another empath in our area to work with. Do not jump into this head first without help. Do not keep doing paranormal investigations at this time. You are vulnerable to being fed on or manipulated at this time and are putting yourself in harms way. You need more training before attempting this further. Click on my name and read some of the older posts I have done.
I myself have taken or gone with other psychics on investigations with paranormal investigators. I have acted both as a guide and a protector on these outings. I am 50 years old and have been experiencing the paranormal for 46 of those years. I have tried to warn people of the dangers they put themselves into sometimes.
I have been able to show other psychics shadow people (minions) and dark entities. After that they changed their mind about going out and actively trying to communicate with these things. Many of these evil entities cannot be recorded because on manifesting they draw all the energy out of the environment around them. Brand new batteries in cameras and recording devices even cars go dead. Lights go out and electronics go haywire. I have experienced all of this. That's why it is extremely dangerous for an empath. An empath can absorb energy but, can also have it drained away very quickly. Positive energy can be taken and negative can be forced in or influenced on by these entities. So be very careful and don't invite or play with this stuff.
I have many different gifts I have been given but, my strongest is the ability to sense and manipulate electrical and magnetic fields and sense good and evil in an instant. I can see through the veneer that evil puts up in an instant. I see shadow people and Demons night or day if they are near me even when shape shifted to look like someone or something else.
I can lock in on them like radar and follow their movements. I can feel the changes in the static electrical fields around me when they are about to manifest and can hold them in place for a brief moment before they disappear and escape. I am not an empath in the typical sense of the definition but, I have worked with them. When I was able to show an investigator a fully formed shadow entity for 2 seconds it freaked her out. It manifested right where I pointed 10 feet from her and caused her to scream in terror. It then disappeared. No one could record it because 4 sets of brand new fully charged batteries went dead. The psychic empath that was with us also felt ill and drained right before it appeared. It was feeding off of her. This is why I am telling you of the danger you could be inviting.

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