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Spoke To My Higher Self In A Dream


I had a dream last night where I talked to my higher self. It was not a lucid dream, but when I got to the point where I was asking the questions, some lucidity must have crept in. This is what happened:

I was having this completely ridiculous dream when all of a sudden I started flying and got as high as I could go, (which is never very high, I usually can't make it above the height of treetops). I seemed to have hit some tiled ceiling, and was able to poke my head through one of the tiles and then the ceiling stretched out of sight above that. Somehow I intuitively knew that I should ask my higher self some questions, although the rest of the dream had nothing to do with that. I can't remember all of the questions that I asked, but he was very friendly, and answered in my speaking voice, although it sounded far away and had a bit of an reverb to it.

I remember asking if I am good. He said "Yes."

I asked, am I really good? He said "Yes."

This has been something that was on my mind lately, for some reason. Since I don't know much about myself besides this very limited perspective of my current life, I had been wondering if my higher self (the cumulative past lives put together) was actually a good soul or not.

I do wish that I can remember what other questions I asked, so if I end up remembering, I will edit the post or update with a comment.

The last thing that I asked was "What is our true name."

The answer was a bit confusing. At first it sounded somewhat angelic maybe, but was spoken too fast for me to make it out. It sounded like: "Wappa Pow, something something something"

I asked if he could repeat it, and he did, slower.

"Wappa Pow, something Turner, Something

I said, "Wopa po?"

He said, in a corrective tone, "Wappa Pow, Winston Turner, AKA Rainman."

Just like that.

The only word I still couldn't really make out was the Winston, it sounded more like Winson, or Wincin, but I was not allowed to ask because the dream changed, and two people walked in that I knew from years ago, and proceeded to pour gasoline on themselves (yes very freaky,huh) and was about to strike a match.

I begged my higher self not to let the match light, but I wasn't about to take any chances so I got down to the ground and ran out of the building (turned out I was in a barn). As I was running out, I could hear the whoosh of the fire blazing. I ran outside and into the house close by, telling everyone what just happened and that now the barn was about to burn down. One of the persons said, "But the barn isn't on fire..." and I looked out the window, and lo and behold, the barn was not on fire and I could still see the two guys trying to light the match and being very disappointed that it wouldn't spark.

I don't know if this part of the dream has to do with anything, but I think my higher self was just pretty much saying it was time to stop asking questions for now. Also, it was very good tactic to help concrete our conversation in my memory, as I do have trouble remembering dreams.

I hope in the future that I have more chances to connect with my higher self in dreams or mediation.

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