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Ever since what I consider to be my current spiritual awakening, I have been hitting the ground running. Maybe a little too hard. If there is one definite thing I need to learn, it's patience. But then again, everywhere online, you read that if you don't practice meditation, visualization, or concentration EVERY day, that you lose what strength you have gained in those areas. I am now starting to disagree, but you all know the feeling you get the moment when you realize- "OH MY GOD, I'M PSHYCHIC!", and all you want to do is learn and learn as much as you can!

So, I practiced every day. I found books and trolled the internet for anything that can help me develop my abilities. (Sidenote: I wish the teachings of the spiritualist church could be done online, since there is no such church near me. I really want to learn mediumship). I learned that there are not a lot of great forums or communities online for psychics, until I found this website. There are a few, but they aren't very active. This website isn't even a forum, but it works well enough as one.

After making a few posts on here, I was contacted by a person that runs a remote viewing website to do a test and see if I could be a part of their team. So far, I have yet to do a single test, but have been practicing at home instead, building my confidence and ability in that field. I have had some great results so far. I bought a book, Natural Remote Viewing, by Jon Noble. The books comes with a practice image, and a link to a website with many more. I do seem to prefer front loading, which is knowing in advance if the object in the picture is a person, place, or thing. That way, while I am learning and honing this skill, my poor subconscious and brain at least know which direction to go. I think that this is very important and underrated for beginners, because it's all about building confidence. Unfortunately, this book only has two practice targets that are front loaded. It got really hard when I moved on to photographs that I had no clue what I was supposed to be looking for, but I still had some pretty good, interesting results. However, I became frustrated with the pictures and moved onto having someone put an item into a box and remote viewing that. At least that way, the object is right there, in the present with me.

With this method, I still got some good, undeniable hits. The best is when I had my mom put something in the box. I just got hit after hit after hit. She said it probably helped that she was thinking about the item all night, because this is really new and shocking to her. What she put in the box was a metal chess piece, with a cross on top (Sory, I'm not sure if it was the king, queen, or bishop, since all chess sets are made differently, and I'm not a chess player). For the first time, I was getting definite shapes coming to me as impressions. These shapes closely matched the intricate curves of the chess piece. One shape matched exactly 100%. I saw the Jesus Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but it was small like a figurine, which I think signified that my object is also a figurine. I saw a man wearing a black and white checkered bandanna, and as the man's face faded away, the black and white checkered print lingered for moment. This, I believe, was signifying a chess board. I saw like a speckled kind of rust that was also on the metal chess piece. So all in all, it was a good session.

However, at the end of that session, I heard the word "break"- and it sounded kind of exasperated as if the entity helping me with the remote viewing (who I believe is my subconscious) was exhausted and asking for a break. This was about two weeks ago, and since then I have not been able to focus on remote viewing or even just meditation at all! (Sidenote: I always ask my subconscious, who I've nicknamed Sam, to do the remote viewing for me and to send me any information he finds into my imagination where I'll be able to receive it. I tell him he is the psychic one, and really should be doing all the work and should only ask guides for help if he gets stuck.) However, it seems I may have exhausted him, and my ADD analytical mind has also had a very hard time focusing or concentrating. So I think it is time to Rest, relax, and recharge, so to speak.

And I don't think that I will lose too much of my abilities. I picked up remote viewing extremely fast after a lifetime of not trying it, so what is a few weeks going to hurt? The only thing I see slipping is my visualization. That was and is still difficult for me, and I admit it was easier when I was practicing it full time. So I came up with a concentration/visualization game to keep me on my toes during my downtime. This game is like the next level of how I learned visualization in the first place. When I was first started, I couldn't really make anything appear in my mind's eye at will. So I started to count to 3, drawing the numbers piece by piece, line by line in my mind's eye, until I got good enough to pull the entire image of the number with little effort. Then, I was able to count to ten, and eventually 100 and beyond, flashing the numbers in my mind's eye. Being able to do this without losing count or getting distracted is great for concentration.

This new game builds upon that. I realized that I couldn't visualize a number without saying the number in my head. That bothered me. So, for example, I can't just pop the image of 52 in my head without internally saying and thinking "52". For some reason this really bothered me. I wanted to learn how to separate visualization from thinking. So the new game goes like this: while counting verbally in my head 0-100, I visualize the numbers 100-0 at the same time. In other words:

Verbal: |0| |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7| |8|...

Visualize: |100| |99| |98| |97| |96| |95| |94| |93| |92|...

So far I can visualize down to the seventies or sixties without losing count. I also like how if you add the two numbers together, they always equal 100. I guess it's kind of ironic that I started this post saying I've worn my brain out, and here I am making up this really hard game for it. I guess I see it more as strengthening it though, which is definitely what it needs before throwing a bunch of psychic things at it, which I assume can be pretty taxing on an un-trained brain/consciousness.

I hope that anyone can use my method to strengthen their own mind, and I was hoping that you could all share anything that works great for you, whether it's something that you made up yourself, or learned from someone else.

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jillharris (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-08)
Hello! Such a fantastic piece of writing. I need nursing pico writing help I am a medical student. Medicine is a very interesting field for me. I want to learn more.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-27)
starsofclay, you have actually, enlightened me! AGAIN! I have done meditation to cleanse my chakras, but, I have never felt my chakras actually open and move! You have got a real gift! I only suggested yoga because when I began learning; the first thing that I taught myself to do was see an aura and then, I went on to yoga.

Meditation is a fantastic way to learn to focus and to heal. What sort of meditations do you enjoy? I know you said you enjoy mind racing or walking meditation, why don't you look for a 'fun' meditation to do? Again, I want to make this point very clear to you. Much like, in the normal world, we can face good or bad people or energies - In the psychic world, we can face good or bad. So, make sure that the meditation that you choose to do is either very basic or something 'good' or angelic (from or of God).

I also suggest trying to sit very quietly and focus on the tippy top of your head, I think it is called the 'divine chakra'? It is not the point on the middle of your head, but instead, above your head. Try to quiet your mind and focus on this point.

The other concept that I wanted you to look at - again, warnings beforehand! This concept requires you to search throughout your day for messages. So, you can easily go mad! You can start obsessing and going crazy! I want you to KNOW that; obsessively searching is NOT the answer - in fact, you will end up not getting any answers, and this will defeat the whole exercise/point. Let the messages come and try to be quite calm and level-headed about it. The concept is synchronicity. Synchronicity is the idea of events, numbers, and other things that seem to be repeated and then, 'linked' in some way. For example, you are thinking of your friend and she happens to call you or the phone rings and before you pick it up, you know who it is. It is things like, waking up to a certain time, let's say 03:30AM every day for a week and then, finding out that your best friend and her boyfriend broke up at 03:30 in the afternoon. Have a try at this, keep a journal. When something happens, write it down.
Note: Do NOT start looking for meaning in every little thing that happens! I cannot bear it when someone says, "I was thinking of Gogo Bear and then, I looked into my cereal and I saw his face!" *lol. Take it in your stride and keep a journal.

Also, if something happens or you see something that even, makes you feel like it is noteworthy even something silly! Like, you have a dream and see a certain picture. Make a note in your journal and then, relax and go about your day. Maybe it will resonate? Maybe, it won't.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-22)
I actually have done a lot of study on chakras. My problem is meditation. Even with brain entrainment, it's hard for my brain to relax, and hold it without falling asleep. Alot of the meditation I do is mind racing or walking meditation, neither of those are great for focusing on the chakras, (that I know of).

There has been two occasions that I felt my chakras actually spinning! It started with root, then the next two, but ended before it got to the heart chakra, so I think I have a real bad block there. Actually, I know I do, and I've been working very hard to open up and feel my energy there. It was such a unique, somewhat uncomfortable, but pleasant feeling, to feel those chakras activated, and I was able to move it up and down between the three that opened at will. That was several weeks ago, and I haven't experienced it since. When I can master concentration meditation, I will continue working on that. That's why I have created a few concentration games for myself, one of which is listed in this post. I have mild ADD, unmedicated, so I think learning concentration is one of my top priorities.

I have no fears of what I will find deep down inside, in fact, I've been working very hard lately to bring it all to the surface, one by one, and healing it. My mind racing and walking meditations are PERFECT for that.

I will try to keep updated on viewing auras, the problem is, I don't have a lot of time to practice, and I have to have a large white background for now, otherwise I can't focus; and really the only feasible place to do that for me is while laying in the bathtub, which I don't do alot. Come to think of it, I do own a projector screen that I'm not using...
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
Hi KiKiGirl,

I am amazed it only took you 6 months to be able to fully see auras. I am sort of like starsofclay, I can naturally see the white glow around my body and the blue color too. I can also see some green sometimes mixed with the blue.

How much practice time did you do daily in order to get to that poibt of vividly seeing auras in 6 months?
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
NB Note: In some beliefs, working on your chakras can do emotional, mental, physical; good or harm. So, it is important in which way you choose to work on yourself, and that it is done in a good and calm space.
Futhermore, when ever you work with your 'imagination', intuition or psychic gift - although, there is a difference, you open the deepest parts of your mind. While doing this, you must feel 100% safe, so, before beginning any meditation exercise, practice a method of protection.
You can surround yourself with a white light which is your protection. The white light is like a wall or barrier against anything you do not want around you that is bad or negative. The white light is as strong as the strongest wall ever built, absolutely nothing in this world can get through it! Not even a nuclear bomb! The bomb will just disappear or explode, but, it will not come close to you because you are protected. Then say, "thank-you God" or to whom ever you are saying thank-you. "Thank-you for protecting me, that nothing will ever hurt me, you watching over me. Nothing can get through my wall. You are watching over me."

I am trying to look for a basic introduction to chakras for you. However, all of this stuff on the internet is so complicated. If you can, try and find a basic book about yoga and chakras at a bookshop. Otherwise, have a look at these links:



KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
starsofclay, well done! WELL-DONE! You have done this SO much faster then I managed to! You are absolutely 100% beginning to see auras correctly. You started by seeing the thin white light which became a very bright blue light - this is called the ethereal layer. It is what I saw first for months before getting anywhere! Then you will start seeing the light as described extending from your fingers! 100%! Well-Done! Eventually, the light extending from your fingers will start showing colours! It will eventually make sense, don't worry! When you do finally see it properly, you will know with certainty what you are seeing is correct!

I am super proud of you. Just this little step will allow you the focus and develop your third eye to begin further developing your gifts.

I would suggest, you also have a look into yoga - Learn your chakras; crown, middle/heart, ground, third eye etc. If you can learn to meditate to clean your chakras - let me know how it goes for you? Learning to connect with your crown chakra or higher-self is a good next step. Always protect yourself, though - using a white light as a shield. Look into these two things and let me know how it goes for you?

Much Love!
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-17)
Oh, another method I was teaching myself with the 3d magic eye images is to be able to get in the sweet spot, and then hold it while blinking, and also while moving the image around and not loosing focus. It's harder than it sounds.

So last night I was practicing seeing my own aura, and as usual I was able to see the thin bright light that surrounds my hand and fingers, and after a while, my eyes kind of de-shifted so to speak and I think I found the sweet spot of aura viewing. The thin bright light was replaced with a much thicker, but very noticeable light teal blue, that at times seemed to stretch several inches from the tips of my fingers. At first I thought maybe it was an after image or light burn, but my eyes had to be in the exact sweet spot, just focused slightly behind my hand, or the color would disappear. Usually with after image or light burn, the color should stay no matter what focus your eyes are in, and even when closing the eyes, right? I was able to bring it back several times by getting back into the sweet spot.

Another interesting thing is that the part that extended several inches from my finger tips didn't exactly move with my hand, (something I tested to see if it was an after image) but kind of broke off and moved at a much slower pace than I had moved my hand. It felt and looked like I was manipulating a bit of my aura, so to speak. Has anyone had any experiences with something like that?

My biggest problem was the color would disappear when I blinked, and I would have to find the right focus again. I was able to hold it a few times while blinking, but it was difficult. I think that's where the practice with the magic eye images will help.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-15)
Actually, I do see the thin white light when I look at my hand's aura. I have seen it almost "pop" into a brilliant blue once, and that was neat, but I was under the influence of marijuana, which I think allowed my eyes to glaze over just right. I have never seen anything besides the thin bright light when sober. But it is definitely there and doesn't take any effort at all to see it. I did train my eye to focus at different points of distance, so I know exactly how to do it, it just doesn't really work that well for me. One way I did this was using those 3d magic eye images. I put one up on my laptop screen, then pull one up on my phone. I hold the phone at varying distances from the screen and try to jump from one to the other as fast as I can, while keeping my eyes in that sweet spot to see the 3d images. Come to think of it, I haven't done that in a long while, I should try it again.

So you are saying that one day, my eyes will just "get it" and the colors will show up? That would be great. How much practice did you do for it to take 6 months?

I have tried seeing other people's auras, but they don't stand still long enough haha. And I don't actually know anyone that would be a willing test subject.

I want to try mirror gazing again. I usually get caught though by someone and it becomes an embarrassing subject to try to explain, haha, so I just kind of never got into it.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-15)
starsofclay, it sounds like you are growing a lot right now! I also get "down times", where I struggle to do the things like usual. I've always been a lucky person? So, for example, I can go to the Casino for one or two nights in a row, but, I can't go for 3 days in a row or I will just lose on the third night. It's almost like, I have a specific amount of energy in a glass, when it's empty or finished, I have to wait for it to refill of its own accord before I can do anything more.

Have you tried practising seeing auras? I remember that once I was done with that process, and I could see my aura clearly, my psychic gifts developed more quickly. Not lightening fast, but just one or two good ones over the year. The way I practiced seeing auras, was by holding my hand up or out and spreading my fingers apart. You shouldn't look directly at one finger but try and look "almost" passed your finger. In the beginning, I used to just see a shiny, thin bright light along the edge of my hand and after 6 months, I could see my aura perfectly! Let me say, if you have never seen an aura and you are wondering what it looks like, you will absolutely know when you do see it!

I wish you luck! KikiGirl

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