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Remote Viewing A Target: What Was So Red?


Notes: Green came early on, but then red, mostly red with black trim, or a black strip, specifically at the top (horizontally)... Like edging or a pin stripe.

So far the image is square, or at least very limited in what is being perceived or imagined.

Any time I revisit this I can't get past it being a square image. The red color seems hazy. It's a deep red. There's something more at the top right corner, possibly a slight appendage to the square. That may be where the green part is. The red color is deep; a little darker than blood. The hazy appearance could be a physical texture like a soft velvet or microfiber up close. The green is in the background and to the right, plant or tree life. The red and black is man made. There is (or is the shape of) a bottle or tube) This may account for the perceived appendage of the bottle neck versus a label or some item in the forefront of the image.

The scene as a whole is peaceful but also deliberate, generated by a person's motivation. As though they're sitting on a porch watching the light of the day become dusk.

Okay this is incomplete but I will end it here for this number.


Okay the image was of a golf ball near the hole on the green. I believe the black I perceived was simply the border of the image or possibly the whole itself. The grass from the green -definitely- stood out. I imagined a setting in the country. I suppose it was just a country club. The appendage was the ball. In the image it is to the right and slightly above the black of the hole. Despite seeing the image, I still believe the color red was prominent here. Perhaps the golfer or the photographer, or some pretty lady was wearing red behind the scenes of this image.

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G_light11 (2 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-02)
when I read this I was shocked... You discussed things you saw in my's just a place I keep books... The red part is a plastic bag... The 1st item is a folded notice board... The's just a CD (Queen of the south)...the bottle is a fabric softener😂😂

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