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Woman In Red


I'm posting here because I don't really know where to go and I've been bothered by what happened to me a few days ago and cannot stop thinking about it.

In short before I explain further, I saw a woman at my bedside staring at me clear as day. Only felt moderately menacing, didn't feel unsafe. It was too clear to be a trick of my mind, although I haven't ruled that out. I'm not really knowledgable about "psychic experiences" or whatever but I'm open-minded, this is not the first time I've experienced this and I'd just like to explore what could be happening to me.

I've ruled out sleep paralysis as I'm fully able to move, speak and interact with everything around me normally. I haven't ruled out the possibility that I'm just really tired at the time and still in some very partial state of sleep.

Personal background with seeing things like this:

So, my family has always called me a "sensitive spirit" and a "seer", which I think is strange because they're not super religious or really believe in this sort of thing. I think they believe in spirits or demons I guess. I think what opened them up to the idea was how I behaved in my childhood. I remember very clearly creatures (?) and people that I saw as a child very clearly. They scared me a lot and I'd end up trying to run past them closing my eyes to get out of my room. Ofc, my parents thought I just had an overactive imagination and was scared of the dark but I was seriously like 5 and I STILL remember what I saw very clearly. I could move around at will and felt the need to avoid/walk around them. Very weird. Examples of what I saw include mostly ghoul like humanoid things. Not quite a skeleton as there were more features besides just bones, but very close to one. There were a few different ones that visited and I could differentiate between them. They'd sometimes walk up to my bed and lean over to look at me, but never touched me. I was always terrified they would so I'd run out of my bed at that point. I recall them kind of glowing. Next category was just these sort of dark shapes with red eyes. I called em "ghosties" ((lol)). They'd come out of my light fixtures and again, just kind of be there. Lastly was a woman in red. She wore a red floral dress and stood behind my door or next to it. She'd keep her distance but I was the most afraid of her. It was hard to make out the details of her face as she stayed in the most shadowy part of my room. I remember one time her standing IN the entrance which caused me to basically go berserk, crying and begging for help, begging to not have to go to my room anymore since I was so afraid of it and my parents seemed finally convinced that I wasn't just throwing fits. They supposedly sought out help and whatever they did helped. I stopped seeing things.

I never lost a feeling of being watched, sometimes simply feeling a strange energy upon entering my room, very occasionally seeing shadows move on my walls. I remember this especially in highschool. By that point I was sort of used to it happening from time to time and I'd simply avoid going in my room, sleep somewhere else and be fine, etc. Nowadays (I'm 20 now) I acknowledge and ignore it quite effectively. I sometimes walk into my room and feel something. Sometimes it will appear while I'm already there. It just doesn't really bother me anymore and I can typically sleep and be fine. I hardly think about it and actually often forget about it to the point where it really is not something I think about in my day-to-day at all.

Weirdly, it doesn't matter where I'm living at the time as I move around a lot, but it's always in what's considered MY room and my room only--until a few days ago

SO on to what happened this weekend:

I was staying with my boyfriend in a cabin forest retreat far up north in Canada. We booked it for the winter storm month since it's much much cheaper and the beach view and everything is still beautiful. Anyway, the storms ended up being awful. Seriously, storm watchers had come to the town because apparently the biggest waves in the world were currently there. The first night, sleeping was very difficult. I found it especially strange that my boyfriend couldn't sleep. He's the type of person who passes out in 5 seconds no matter the circumstances and I'm usually the one who can't sleep at all. Suddenly, it's a bit after 3 and the power goes out. We're out in the forest so there's no light pollution and everything goes pitch black. Of course it's natural to feel creeped out in this situation, but something was very very strange. It's barely above freezing outside and our room is overheating, we're far apart from each other because it's so hot. Fireplace is out, no heater exists in the cabin, we had all the windows open but it felt that no matter what we did, we couldn't bring down the temperature. Of course, neither of us can sleep for a while, have little conversations about how spooked we feel, cuddle up for comfort despite the heat and end up passing out. I wake up a couple hours later distressed from bad dreams and looked up, shocked to see a figure. For some reason I don't jump or feel scared, I try to rationalize that I'm probably just still waking up, it must be fake. I end up fixated on her though for too long. She's not going away and I'm fully conscious, able to move and everything. She's standing there in full detail. Long red, draping dress. A woman in her 50s, most likely. It's a bright red, and she has a head wrapping on that is the same color. She looked Western African. I don't know where specifically these styles are worn, but that's what she looked like. Different from the red woman in my childhood. At any rate, I didn't feel too threatened by her, I didn't get the sense she would hurt me, she seemed neutral in terms of "good" and "bad". She eventually just kind of vanished and I fell asleep again for a bit.

When we woke up, my boyfriend and I both felt the need immediately to share dreams since we were both so disturbed by them. Mostly unusual and creepy in theme, but not violent or gory or anything. It was very strange to me that they had such similar themes, and even integrated the same things. (both highly involved elevators and travel, seeing strange phenomena we can't describe that disturbs us and no one else seeming to really care.)

Anyway, that's all. I'm just wondering if anyone has any explanations or thoughts I guess. It's bothering me a bit, but who knows, maybe I do just have an overactive imagination and/or something else strange involving sleep.

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