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Dark-haired Woman - Sis & I W/ Same Woman 3,000+ Miles Apart


Last night I had a dream where I was lying in my bed - I do not sleep through night awaking to cold sweats (our house is always 71 degrees at night), I'm 24 years old by the way and male.

I'll start from the beginning from what I can remember anyway, it's foggy yet the feeling brings the memory fresh to my mind. I had already awoken once before to change out of my clothes into some that weren't so sweaty - unaware of the time, I usually look at it though - so I am laying in my bed and it's rather dark with a bluish like tiny for my vision. I stare at the door where my bathroom is open, I had a strange "Jaws" esque feeling creep from my subconscious (how I recognize it remembering back on the feeling) that's when the shower curtain's from the bathroom slowly creep open with a very pale and bony hand opens the curtain. There's this woman figure with long black hair, something very possibly out of the movie THE RING and immense fear shrouds over me and I'm unsure but I faintly remember white she may have been wearing. There wasn't a good look at it, I just remember the immensity of fear build up and shutting my eyes and though I could still feel this fear I never opened my eyes.

I fell back asleep and woke up in another pool of sweat, I changed once again and then back to bed I went.

I had the feeling return after falling asleep again, something definitely watching me as I slept - this is far from the first time although the first in a very long time in which part of me was saying "DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES RIGHT NOW" and another of curiosity saying "IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD" - my consciousness was awake as I reach for my girlfriend laying next me, my eyes still shut by the way, I find the warmth and tender touch of her hand, as I grasp it the fear escaped quickly knowing I wasn't asleep.

The thing is, I don't have a shower curtain in my shower and not right next to the door anyway. I thought I was in my room; however, I didn't look around much I just knew once I had woken up it wasn't.

Strangely enough, my sister had a dream the exact same night (she's 27 so we are not twins). She described hers as follows:

"Basically I had a girlfriend in this dream (not realistic) and this creepy demon lady (the long haired b****) came and was like asking me to do something for her I don't remember what and when I said I wouldn't she took my girlfriend and sent this shadow creep that couldn't be killed to follow me and make sure I did what she wanted and then all these followers of that demon lady were like chasing me and trying to kill me and shiat."

Now my sister doesn't have a girlfriend (she is a lesbian - so the not realistic is with her having a partner in general), and she says she woke up before figuring out what it wanted, or remembering what was asked.

Any help would be great. I have a ton a gnarly dreams and experiences/ feelings ever so often, but this is the first in a long time I felt so much fear.

Thank you,


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danielotero7 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-20)
hello I had the same experience like you unfortunately many times seen this dark entity for what I had research this entity doesn't have a form because usually its a mental construction of our brain that associates with this entity manifesting as a women and for it to manifest into your dream and real life ist because you unconsciously attracted it and it could mean that many things like your vibrating at a very low frequency like most of us because we life in a very unnatural world and we are not connected to nature and we have lot of superficial stuff or low vibrating energy thoughts and emotions like hate, resentment, or even low sex passion thoughts all that constitutes to our subconscious mind so in other words start to do positive things like eating healthy, work out, and be aware of your thoughts and emotions mediated on how you are living and what things can you do in order to change and transform that bad energy that is letting manifest this entity hope this helps for you to start doing your research and the most important thing to do if you on a middle of a dream and this dark entity appears again is to not be fear by it and touch your heart and what ever god you believe in it try to tell em to protect you and to give you positive light into your heart and use your imagination that you heart is lighting with a powerfully positive white light and believe me it would go away just HAVE NO FEAR BECAUSE USUALY FEAR FEATS THOSE ENTITIES and resentment and all those negative thoughts and emotions instead have love and compassion and always believe in your self that's the key well I hope I give to you a little insight of knowledge and I hope it helps you

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