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Why Do All Of My "auras" Seem The Same?


I was trying to see auras around myself a while back and I eventually saw my aura. This was my aura, a three layered green apple, sky blue, and violet, because I read the descriptions of a person who had these auras online and I found a major part of myself in all of these descriptions. Now I see my aura, either my full aura or a part of it, regularly every day I practice telekinesis. But ever since I have seen my aura I have also begun to see auras around other people. Or at least what looks kind of like an aura. These "auras" are seen out of the corner of my eye and they are either a yellow and red on one side of the object or person/animal, or they are a blue and purple. These colors switch sides if I look through my opposite eye in my peripheral vision. The farther they are in my peripheral vision the better I see the colors. Since each object always has the same hue of color I am not sure if these are auras or what they even are period. Maybe it's my glasses, since I have transition lenses and I can only see the aura like thing with my glasses on. But maybe that's also because I can't see anything but a blur outside of my glasses. I need to know this because it is so common to see these that I am dying to know what they are.

What do you guys think? Am I seeing a form of auras, is it my glasses, or something unpredictable? Because there always seems to be the most unpredictable truths in this world. That's how we all got here didn't we? Through the truest truths that no one but us understands.

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