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Dark Shadows 4 Events


To begin, my mum (mother) is able to see ghosts. She tells me stories of her childhood and the ghosts she's seen. I've always been fascinated by this and often ask her questions. I've longed to see a ghost, hear a voice or feel a paranormal touch...

Over the past month I've seen some odd stuff. I get daily "visits" from a small bird-shaped shadow. Its flies over my house at a speed where you can see it but not examine it. The First time I saw it I chalked it up to being a normal bird, maybe a raven. But every day, at 4:50PM it flies over head.

A week later (maybe 2 weeks) I would feel a hand I suppose on my left shoulder (more specifically the BACK of my shoulder). This would happen every time I got out of or into the Shower (I suspect the bathroom of being haunted).

Probably the most terrifying incident so far is the voice. It began at roughly 12AM and lasted for 15 minutes. The voice sounded like a man, with a wispy feel to it (I don't know how to describe it). The voice said 2 things... It shouted my name multiple times and then said, "Open the door". This was odd since my door was open, and the voice didn't seem to be coming from my house, but more like it was down the road. The voice was also very audible.

Finally, the most recent. This only happened today about 2 hours ago.

I am in my bed, the room is dark and my curtains are slightly open. I look out the window and a black shadow seems to jump in front of a window on the house opposite to us. It jumps away but returns a few seconds later.

So that's my story, please believe me as all that I have said is true, and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't.

Thank you for your time.

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