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It was, as I recall, the Christmas when I was 6. Among my gifts under the wonderfully scented Christmas tree was a child's bow and arrow set. I could not have been more pleased. Wild with joy, I soon became a pest with the arrows. Shooting my napping grandfather on the top of his balding head was the last straw. My toy was taken from me and I was told I could have it back when it was warm enough to play outdoors.

By the time this incident happened I was already steeped in my mother's psychic life. Yes, she spoke about psychic experiences and told stories, but there was much more. She lived with her ability every day as if it were a sixth sense. It was a constant in her life, which also meant my life. Much of her information came to her in dreams, as it does for me. My gift is modest, her's was well above average.

So, my bow and arrow set was gone. I was told by my parents they were taking it and they did. I told my mother "You can't do that." "Why not?" She asked. "Because I will go to sleep and dream where it is. Then I will go and get it." My mother said nothing, to the best of my memory. I do remember being very confident. There was no doubt in my mind. I wanted my bow and arrows back and I was going to find them.

I went to our living room and fell asleep on our sofa. I dreamed I was searching our house, beginning in our attic, the top floor. When I did not find my toy I continued the search. I searched the entire house from top to bottom.

In the basement was an old furnace. To the left of the furnace and slightly set back, nestled against the wall, were 2 heavy cardboard barrels. In 1 of the barrels, covered with an old tablecloth, was my bow and arrow set.

Mission accomplished.

I awoke and made a beeline for the barrel. My bow was there, just as I saw. I recovered it and went upstairs, passing my mother in the kitchen. When I saw her I gave her a childish smug look and, I think, said something like "Told you you couldn't take it."

That was roughly 65 years ago. I tell this story now so that people might know what is possible in the psychic world.

For many years I considered finding my bow the result of a psychic dream. Now, a bit more learned, I regard what happened to be an out of body experience. Perhaps it could be considered an example of remote viewing. No matter what it was, this happened to me just as I have described.

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-17)
MrRiggs, thank you for inviting me to read about your other experience. I've gained new knowledge from your what you've shared. I wonder how much more enhanced the sensations would have been if your partner was as gifted or as emphatically in tune.

It is intriguing that AnneV also spoke to you about remote viewing as I did. If that fits your ability, then it is indeed a rare and precious gift. I think one of the reasons why you're able to access your abilities only through the dream state is the desire to be always in control. It is a logical and natural wish to be the master and architect of your pathway. But perhaps your remarkable gift requires a certain degree of acceptance that the flow of life is in constant motion and not always subject to control. Sometimes, faith is all we need to continue on.

I have faith that your heart will lead you along the right path, and your head will keep you from the pitfalls. If you have need of a friendly ear, my offer still stands.
MrRiggs (2 stories) (10 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-15)
Jubeele, I do not recall being able to do remote viewing while conscious. In the sleep, or dream state, yes, definetly.

While asleep in Virginia in 1983/84, I saw my brother being attacked and apparently murdered in Hawaii. I awoke soaked and dripping with perspiration. I felt as though I had witnessed a killing.

I arranged a business trip to Hawaii and met with the police detectives who handled the case. They were polite and professional. Everything I saw had actually happened, with a single exception. My brother had been attacked but survived.

The sleep state for me can bring prophetic dreams of events or warnings. Dreams brought me into contact with my deceased mother, who provided a death warning. That death took place within 48-72 hours. I have had what I believe was out of body travel that began in the sleep/dream state.

While in a relaxed state, possibly asleep, I left my body to enter that of another person. You can find that story published in the astral projections section of YGS. I believe I posted anonymously as a guest.

I do not recall being able to do these things while conscious. Asleep it seems many things are possible. The only time I ever intentionally performed by dream or out of body travel was as a child.

I was born very prematurely, had a low birth weight, and was ill as a child. I believe I am an empath, which posed problems as it could be acute. It took a lot of earnest prayer to get that load reduced. I also have pre-birth memories that confirm your observation about my being a handful. I was a little too persistent for my own good.
Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-15)
Hi MrRiggs,
I wonder if you have a form of remote viewing ability with some degree of precognition (from your other story).

I had a chuckle at your youthful confidence and resourcefulness. You sounded like a real handful as a boy! Have you been able to tap into this ability when fully conscious?

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