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An Involuntary Psychic Vision


Happy New Year to everybody!

The last 1 year or so, I've experienced some involuntary psychic visions, if they really can be considered so.

Last night 1/1/18, I experienced one more, and I thought it would be a good idea to share it in this forum. I'll try to note down as many of the details of the experience as I can remember.

Relevant background:

I'm male 35 years old. I wasn't interested in spirituality until 2013, where some events in my life, or maybe even mere curiosity led me to explore the paranormal. I started with astral projection and meditation and went on to remote viewing and a few attempts of concious precognition, aka predicting the future.


I was walking down the streets of my home town, it was night. Suddenly, my vision started to dim a little bit, as if when one is about to have a headache. Then on the center of my vision I began to see small sparkles of light. Since I had similar involuntary experiences of this kind in the recent past, and each lasted about 30 minutes or so, I knew that I had to find a quiet place to stay. So I went to a quiet street alley, sat down and started to focus on what I was seeing.


Note: It didn't make any real difference if I closed my eyes or not, the whole vision was superimposed on my normal eyesight.


Initially, I could see with my eyes opened a line that gave me the impression of the letter S. The creation of this line was strange as well. The color was white/silver and it was as if the line was made of small x's, all contantly being remade very rapidly, as if they were electric static or something.

Then, this line started to slowly more to the left of my vision. I could see that it started to expand, until it became a geometrical shape, an eclipse. However, the part of the right hand side of the shape was missing, I don't know what that could mean.

Across the line, which retained its silvery quality, I began to see some colors changing, blue, green and red mixed together. I had the impression that the x's began to look like small triangles. On the bottom of the eclipse, the predominant color was red however, I could definitely distinguish that.

After that the image moved to the left of my peripheral vision. All my left peripheral vision became painted a cyan color and I thought that I could distinguish another geometrical shape, it looked to me like a 3D cylinder, seeing it from the top to its bottom. I felt very confused as to what that meant, I couldn't understand why or what it meant.

Then, the whole image, of whatever I it was I saw, began to rotate, 360 horizontally, and after finishing that, it rotated another 360 degrees vertically. After that, the symptoms stopped and I began to see normally again.


So, what happened next? I returned home because it was cold outside (brrrr) and of course to try to find what the vision meant!

I searched about mathematics and cylinders... Nothing. Then I typed out eclipse and I saw that there will be a very rare event on January 31th: a super blue blood moon, which means, the second full moon in a month, that is 15% larger in size than when it is the farthest away from the Earth. Additionally, at the same time a total lunar eclipse will be happening, where the moon will have red color. Such an event hasn't happened since 150years!

On top of that, yesterday, 1/1/18, was also a supermoon which combined with the 3/12/17 supermoon, makes a really very rare occasion!

So, that sums it up and explains my vision: The eclipse shape, the red colors. The cylinder was not a cylinder, but the sight of the eclipse itself, and the rotation, well, obvious.

So, this event will be on 31/1/18.

The real questions are: Why did I see that? What is its significance and impact? I'm really curious!

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