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Fighting Dark Forces And Demons


It has been awhile since I have been on this site.

I work in a different area than most. I try to help people when I can and spend a lot of time cleansing, closing, and purifying.

I spent many years trying to educate and warn people about what they are doing and the Consequences of their actions. Right now if you look all over the World it is self evident that Evil is rising in power. Everything I try to explain to people gets laughed at or they ridicule me in certain circles because what I say is not popular in this new age world.

Look around you and it is obvious in everyday things that we all are witnessing. I have even taken sensitive and psychics on what I will call field trips to educate them and prove what I am telling them is real.

I have all but given up trying to talk sense into people. If I went Mainstream or public everything in my world would collapse and I would not be able to care for and support those that I love.

I have been dealing with a Portal or Nest of Demons for a couple years since I dropped off of the site. I have been under constant attack from Dark forces and Demons for the last couple of years in one area near me.

I have battled Witches, Wiccans, Satanists And Luciferians. In their defense many do not realize what they are doing because they have been fooled but many have been actively battling against my efforts.

I deal with the darker side of the Paranormal and it has taken every ounce of strength I have both physically and spiritually.

I have not tried to help others on this site because I have had nothing left to give and have been fighting an uphill battle. Even now This minute I am under constant attack but I can weather it. I have been getting stronger and stronger as the fire forges the metal also the spirit and power can grow through battle.

There was an abandoned College Campus that was full of Malevolent entities guarding and keeping a massive Portal open. The area is now cleansed and sealed. So much so that the buildings were removed and a Church has moved Into a building there and reconsecrated the ground. I had no Parr in that and unbeknownst to me another was in secret doing the same as I was and I have no idea who but I found traces of what they left on-site.

I found salt and freshly ground flour in places. Few know about this practice or process and how to do it properly. Maybe they saw or had a vision of me and what I was doing or maybe they have the same calling and we have not met yet.

I cannot go public or use my abilities for profit or I will lose them. I have tried to warn many even some on this site that Demons are real and Evil is real. Many times the people or spirits or guides you come in contact with are not what they seem.

Many many psychics and sensitive are false and do more harm than good.

Our Earth and our plane is under attack. Please don't pour fuel on the fire. Look around you and if you are honest with yourself you will agree with me.

I took a small group of people to this area I talk about. It was impossible to collect proof other than witness testimony. All batteries and power sources were drained or removed. Brand new batteries would die. Lights would just turn off that were fine until we walked into the area. A young psychic that I know personally thought she saw the spirit of a small girl that wanted to communicate with her and that needed help. I warned her that what she thought she saw was not it's true form. Behind a woman behind me shadow entities started moving around and running by us between buildings in the open. They are not confined to buildings or one area.

I looked at the thing that I saw in front of the psychic. I talked directly to it. I commanded it to show its true form to her because I already saw it's grotesque form as it really was. I commanded it again and said I see you for what you are and it is pointless to hide and I would remove it's energy supply.

Evil entities must draw energy from the environment around them to manifest. That means from people,heat,electricity,batteries,static electricity or energy, electromagnetic fields. They cannot survive or stay without it. They can with dark energy and emotions. They guard and keep Portals open to draw energy from that plane and must stay near it or possess living objects to survive away from it.

So if you are playing with the dark arts and rituals what you see manifested on Earth right now is your fault. If that is your intention you will pay for it is the next life and maybe this one.

If you did not realize what you are doing you still have time to change.

If you get power from the darkness you will deal with people like me and our numbers are growing. This only ends one way and right now this moment you need to make a change.

A close friend of my wife's just died last week. She rejected and refuted everything I have been warning people about and unfortunately her soul is lost now and will never find peace because it is Owned!

This is a harsh truth but I am trying to warn those who can still be reached. If you are a light worker you will know I am not embellishing.

If you are offended by what I have written, I am sorry because I am not attacking anyone but trying g to help.

Evil exists and it is growing and getting stronger get with the help of deceived people. I am writing this on my phone and getting messed with the entire time but it is no more than the nuisance of a gnat or mosquito to me.

Know your enemy and their power over you fails and becomes weaker.

There is a very public psychic right now that I have sent a message to in your visions and you know who you are. It was a message for you and not from me. Your leading people astray and will be dealt with or will harvest what you sew.

There is a perfect scene in a movie that I believe was written by a person just like me who sees what I see. It was called Constantine.

In the scene before the Demon hordes arrive that were looking for them all light is snuffed out or absorbed and it becomes pitch Black. Not one bit of light exists at that point. You know they are all around you but you can't see them until he ignites a special flame.

Now imagine that you have that ability but the light you produce to see with Is like an oil lamp. You can turn it way down or waY up to it's full brightness. It is a double edged sword. If you turn it up it draws them to you. They can't come into the light or put it out but they are on the edge of it circling and waiting. If you turn it higher the circle gets bigger and drives them away but more see it from a distance and more are drawn in.

If you keep it low enough very few pay attention to you but the ones that do see it are breathing down your neck.

What would you do and how do you make people understand what is out there. I am not joking.

That is my life. Put yourself in that situation and tell me what do you think you would do with that knowledge?

How would you feel when you see people open doors and set a lantern in front of that door to lead the way for those things to enter our World. Very few people have the power or strength to drive them away.

Imagine everyone has a lit candle. Some are bigger than others and some are newer than others. If you knew that your candle was all there was keeping them off of or out of you would you voluntarily snuff that candle out or would you go find others with candles to form a larger more protected circle.

I leave you all with this thought. The choice is yours. We all shed this body and hope to move to higher vibration, plane or World. Become another being. We all have personal beliefs and faiths. I cannot tell you what to do.

When your candle burns out I hope that nothing notices you before your pass onto the next stage.

People like me are cranking up our lanterns so that they are drawn to us and ignore you. Don't be the person that opens a door and stands in front of it with one little candle. They are flooding toward the doors and populating the Earth and there are not enough people Ike me to get their attention.

call me an idiot but I don't care I love you all and don't want to see anyone turn themselves over willingly.

Again I live this everyday of my life and it is taxing but I am not done yet!

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CantunSEEit74 (1 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-20)

I also respect your fight and warnings. I wanted to ask you a question about myself installing double mirrored closet doors across from each other and opening a portal. A full-grown man walked out of my mirror less than 7 ft from me, Felt nothing unusual. On 3 different occasions a broiling black cloud was at or came out of the same wall of mirrored closet and the very last time I was sitting on the toilet and broiling black cloud came between me and toilet roll just off my shoulder WHAT A SIGHT, but there was no bad feeling from it at all. I also watched a black skeleton 5 ft or so walking in my Livingroom sideways from me looking at me and headed to the hallway back to the mirrors. This homes foundation was 2 ft above Sealevel. This property was probably Native American camp on the saltwater front. I stood next to the guy I bought the house from years earlier and felt ill and I had to back away from him. #1 could black cloud be native spirit. #2 If new owner took mirrors out is portal still there. Also had 2 floor squeakers come from mirrors twice and walk up to me. I hope spirit board was not used in home. I sold home in 2014 but still worry about new owners and I don't feel I have attachments. I hope I have a clean crossing into the death/ reincarnation mode. Any thoughts are appreciated. Me sensitive and an empath.
2 years ago (2022-05-12)
How Can I Be Like You? I Don't Feel Like I Fit In To Where I Am. All I Seem To Cause Is Pain And Suffering. I Feel Like I'm The Cause Of My Family's Misfortunes. Please Help Me.
Heymonkey (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-04-07)
I am battleing right now and don't know how much longer I can take it. They attach to me and squeeze parts of me and pull on me. It feels like extra gravity pulling on me. I have lost my job and even my daughter believe I'm 'lieing. It's hard to type on this phone because of them. Please help me. Tobyl95 [at]
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-22)
Thank you for the comments. It is nice to know that I might have reached someone. I hesitated posting this but was compelled to. I just don't want to see people blindly stumble down a bad path that could be avoided. Thank you again.
bewhatmay (1 stories) (2 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-21)
Thank you very much for sharing this! I agree that people are playing around with this without knowing or caring about the dangers they let into this reality, only to discover it too late. I have never played with it, never wished it and been and am still dealing with it. I try to stay positive and pray and keep myself busy. They drain people of their energy, and some can't even tell it is them who is doing it and that too helps keep them down close to their level, which is bad.

Thank you for all your great work! Please look out for yourself too!
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-18)
Hi ThulsaDune,

I believe everything you wrote and I support your intention. Even more so cause I personally experienced evil (demonic/devil entity) - I saw it and felt it's wickedness.
I don't believe in everything that new age theories are trying to promote cause, in my opinion, those are leading people in the wrong direction. There are many misleading information out there and people are not cautious while in the same time they are curious or want to experience power no matter what the cost.
Anyway, I respect your fight and it's great that someone warned about the dangers.

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