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Visit From Golden Ones


I have already written once about this topic and it's been several years since then. I was curious if in the meantime anything changed or anyone experienced something same/similar, if anyone had an info or an insight into this.

It happened in a moment when nor was I fully awake nor was I fully sleeping. Maybe the best description would be that my body was asleep, but my 3rd eye was aware of everything going on around me. I already had dreams and visions, but this experience was real happening in some other state.

I could see all the way to the balcony in front of my main house door. There were three entities who kind of jumped out of something on my balcony. It seemed to me they came with some kind of vehicle cause of the way they came to my balcony, but I couldn't see that far, I just saw them coming.

They weren't walking and they weren't sliding, but it was something in between. They went through the main house door and then through my bedroom's door. They stood there for awhile watching me sleeping in my bed.

As I said there were 3 of them. They were tall and the one in the middle was the tallest. They were shining golden, like the sun, and in the inside of their shining there was a mild humanoid shape.

The one who was in the middle approached me, I got the impression he was like in charge, and he got on his knees beside my bed. He put his hand on my face. It felt warm, and like he wanted to tell me that I am not alone.

When I woke up, I was happy, and I knew I was visited.

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