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Mother's Spirit Visit


My mom passed away on New Years Eve. I was raised on the notion that most of the people in my family are sensitive in one way or another. My mom was big into nature and things of the Native American culture, as we have some in our bloodline. My sister is big into Reiki and crystals. I have always kind of steered clear of that. Well, since my mom passed, I talk to her as if she's still around. My daughter's birthday was last week and I told my mom that she better visit her. My daughter still waits to see her in her dreams. I woke up that night and had this experience. I turned the tv off before bed because I know electronics can interfere with spirits and I really wanted my daughter to have the opportunity to see her. I woke up after midnight, played on my phone, then rolled on my side and I closed my eyes and saw this purple light. A good friend of mine, who is a medium, always told me to focus on that light. I did for a few minutes and then rolled back over. Whenever I looked up, I saw what looked like a thousand tiny lights or lightening bugs above my bed. I then rolled over onto my side again and saw a black swirl/tornado figure beside my bed, it hovered there and then moved over me. I woke my daughter up and she couldn't see it. It stayed for a while, but I didn't feel anything negative associated with it. Thereafter, my daughter went back to sleep, but my room was foggy. I woke her up again and asked her if she could see the fog and she said that she could see it. So, I turned the lights on... No fog.

Since that experience, I am wondering if I may have started to or have opened my third eye. I am not one that really knows anything about this stuff. My sister is into crystals and such, but I am naive. I have noticed that since that happened when I am conversing with someone, I will have almost like short clips or images come into my head. (e.g. My friend is pregnant and was talking about wanting to have her mom there for her delivery and I had a short almost gif like clip of her baby being delivered and what he was going to look like sometime between 3-6 months old). I've never had that happen until after the whole purple light and seeing what I believe was my mom's spirit on my daughter's birthday.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-06-14)
Whether you feel you are naive or not, you are at least open minded enough to "talk" to your mom and send out messages of hope that she'll visit. I think it was her you felt as the lights and shadows.

Thanks for sharing.

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