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Songs In The Night


Tonight: Friday, June 8 at 12:54 am I heard singing outside of my house. I live in a rural area and it's very unlikely anyone would be roaming around at this time especially where I live. I was scrolling through social media when I heard singing outside of my house. It was beautiful and soft and sad. I was in choir for a number of years and I play guitar and piano, meaning I can identify notes, but I couldn't tell you what these were or even how they sounded. When I heard them in my mind I saw a thin girl with brown hair and no shoes walking, she didn't seem upset or mad she just looked like she was taking a stroll, I saw a meadow, and I saw her walking back and forth tiptoeing. I told my friend what I had heard and seen, keep in mind what I saw was in my head I didn't look out at the voice, and no more than 10 minutes after I told him what I'd heard he texted me saying he heard singing as well. He lives nowhere near me. He could identify his as old Mexican music and said he was to afraid to open his mind to where it was coming from. I've seen things and heard things all my life but this was different. I was not afraid of the girl or the singing. I know spirits often walk the earth but a car drove by my house and one by my friends and the singing stopped once that happened. I'm curious if it was a spirit and what the intentions were and why we heard different things. Why could I clearly picture it's source but my friend could not? The moment I saw was very real almost as if I was there. I need an explanation. Anything helps thank you for reading.

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Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-13)
Hi! This spirit that you guys herd was a positive one who was roaming here and there and the reason why you were able to imagine that girl is because you have some growing abilities and you have heard and saw things many times right? Well that's a sign of growing abilities and you don't need to worry about that girl because it was just a calm spirit which was moving here and there and she dosent needs any kind of help from you or your friend. I don't think that Your friend is a growing psychic because I am not able to sense any spiritual activity in his third eye chakra which is located in the middle of the eyebros and is responsible for these kinds of psychic abilities but he also heard it because he started to overthink when you told him about that, sometimes people start overthinking about paranomal and psychic stuff and then they start to 'believe' that something is out there and look at the fact that he didn't lived near your house then how was he able to hear the same spirit?! Calm down man, he was just overthinking and trust me its notthing to worry about.๐Ÿ˜‡

If you need more information and help regarding your ability to hear spirits then feel free to Mail me! My e-mail Id is nirvaanbabbar [at]

By the way the ability to hear spirits is known as clairaudience and I suggest you to keep the things you hear to yourself only and don't share it with normal people exeption for trusted people like family members, brothers, sisters, parents etc because if you tell this to everyone then many won't believe you and they will even think that you are going crazy and the ones who will believe will start to overthink and will get afraid!

I also suggest you to start to meditate and grow spiritually and if you need information and help in developing your clairvoyance then I have given you my id!

I m also a teen and I m a clairaudient and I m a clairvoyant too! I also started to hear voices which used to call me and they came from the temple of my house and you can read my 1st story where I have mentioned this in detail. I help spirits and you can read my 2nd and 3rd story if you wish and I think that spirits may come to you in future too but I m not sure because everyone is different and god has written different things in everyones destiny!

Take care! Stay blessed and don't worry about your friend or that song okay!


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