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Why Does My Bed Shake At Night?


Ever since I was little, every single mattress I have ever slept on has shook. (I'm now 22!) and I have been experiencing the shaking of my bed every single night since then. (For the most part I ignore it, but there are rare times it still bugs or even freaks me out.) Sometimes even on rainy nights it'll even feel like it is breathing on it's own. At first I was scared but I have gotten used to it, seeing as of to how the shaking isn't violent, more like the rhythm of someone's heart beat, (it may be trying to mimic mine?)

I grew up in a Christian house hold and where the paranormal was actually considered to be all evil, and of that sort of thing. But other experiences I have had has taught me the difference between the two, where as evil tries to scare you to get it's power, a ghost will only try to communicate because of unfinished business...

Maybe the ghost is attracted to me because of my psychic abilities, which I have always known I have, but there again when I was younger my family (aka grandma) considered it to be evil, my mother on the other hand helped me to understand it because she herself has some of the same abilities.

My only question is why it is doing this?

I don't do any drugs at all.

I don't drink.

I don't live near a water damn, or near train tracks...

The only things I can think of is it maybe a ghost that follows me, or that my town maybe near a ley line of some sort here in Washington...

Could this also be related to something in my past, maybe even a past life if possible?

How do I go about getting rid of it, or something.

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Creature_of_Darkness (9 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-18)
Ghost must be pretty dedicated to rock your bed every single night. I wonder why. Anyways try to keep an open mind when it comes to the moral intentions of the spirit (if it is a spirit that is causing it), just because something is perceived as bad does not mean that it is so (even creatures that look demonic can have good hearts). Also, since this has happened for so long, would you say that it comforts you sometimes or that you may find yourself missing it if it were to stop one night?

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