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Presence Walks On My Bed


I just signed up to this website because I truly need an explanation (either religious or scientific, either is fine:) for what I experienced yesterday. Background information: I just quickly want to add that I have had sleep paralysis before and I also have experienced "paranormal activity" in the previous houses I have lived in with my family. My mom and I consider ourselves sensitive to the paranormal because we usually feel and experience things other people don't. She has a fae, has done cleansing, is into tarot cards (etc) but considers herself a catholic. Please don't judge lol

Anyways I would say that what I experienced yesterday was just as bad as experiencing sleep paralysis. Earlier in the day my mom cleaned my bathtub with ammonia because she heard its good to wear off bad energy... I didn't think too much of it. As it got late, I went to my bed, closed my door and brought my dog to sleep next to me. My dog was rolled up into a ball and fully asleep next to my shoulder. It wasn't until 10 minuets later that I felt something walk on top of my legs. I WAS FULLY AWAKE. It literally felt like small feet or basically a cat walking on top of me. Mind you I have two cats but I don't let them in my room. I felt whatever it was walk on me so I grabbed my phone, turned on my flashlight but nothing was there. I decided to move my legs around and I felt it again. It felt so real and I started to freak out. I grabbed my phone again and this is when my dog quickly got up, looked towards my legs and moved closer to me to lay down. I was so scared because I have felt my bed shake before as if there was an aftershock but I have never felt this. Point is, I want to have an egg cleanse lol. I can't get over it and the only thing that comes to my head is that I should pray at night more. Can someone please explain this? I want to know what the hell it is. I have also heard fae do this? I'm not to sure since I'm a skeptic in faes in general. I'm open to anything so please give me an explanation. You have no idea how much I have been looking into this

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