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A Presence In The Room While My Body's Sleeping


Firstly, before I get to the story, I would like to know how exactly is called the state in which your body sleeps and your soul is awaken - and you are very well aware of that? So, it's definitely not an ordinary dream, but something that really happens. I've come across few terms describing this phenomenon. I've had several experiences, but I'll write about the most recent one.

My entire life I believe in something called true love and not just that it's something I truly wish for myself, but also have this feeling that he (this person) really exists somewhere, but I just can't find him yet. Lately I've been thinking a lot about that, I've read all kinds of literature about law of attraction and so on. So, not just that I focused on that, but I also wrote some kind of a letter to him - about who and what I wish him to be, inviting him into my world. I put it under my pillow and slept with it for awhile.

One night I woke up and there was someone watching me in my sleep. He was sitting on the floor, having his hands laid on the bed, leaned toward me and just watching me. It was dark in the room so I couldn't see him well, he was just like a black figure, but I could sense he was male and youngish. I got scared only for the first few seconds when a thought came to my mind (or maybe it was a feeling) that he's THAT person. I straightened up a bit automatically just to give him a kiss on the cheek - like I knew him, and then I got back to sleep.

I have opinion about this situation, but I am curious about yours, too.

Thank you.

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