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Visions While Awake


I've been a long time reader on this site but haven't posted anything before. I'm finally posting because I need some advice on what I've been seeing.

I've recently been having what I believe are visions. There are two I vividly remember and are connected I believe (both being animals). Last month I had my first vision. It was quick but it was definitely something. It was early morning and I was getting ready for work. I decided to lay on my bed and closed my eyes. Instantly I saw a cougar coming towards me. It was friendly and I believe was there to give me a message. I acknowledged it knowing it didn't come from my own thoughts. I went on about my day after that.

Fast forward to today. This is where I get a little weirded out. I saw another animal while I was fully awake and eyes open. My sister was driving and I was looking out the window at a forest landscape. All of a sudden I saw an elk in the forest looking at me with gentle eyes. It wasn't a physical elk because we don't have them where I live, and when I looked back it wasn't there. I believe these animals are trying to give me messages. Has anyone else experienced this. I thought it was extremely strange to see an animal during the day with my physical eyes open like it was actually there. If anyone can tell me what might be going on with me seeing these animals that would be great. Any ideas or experiences would be helpful. I'm not sure who else to turn to.

P.s. I also have native ancestry if that contributes to anything. I feel that the animals I see tend to be native animals to where I live.

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