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Many years ago I obtained a well-known book on psychic experiences by Barbara Brennan, "Hands of Light" In there I read about energy bubbles and set out to experience them.

I found that by staring into the distance with relaxed focus I could indeed see the transparent bubbles with enough definition to identify the shape. I also noticed that these bubbles moved around, as if not controlled by gravity and there seemed to be more of them and moving more quickly in sunny conditions. Finally, if I kept relaxed focus for sufficient time, I began to perceive small flashes that looked like tiny worms consisting of electric sparks. There seemed to be more of them the longer I kept focus. According to the book, if one focused on these bubbles near trees they took on a slight green tinge before mingling with the tree's energy. I have never experienced that. My initial experience of this kind was around 30 years ago. I can still experience it whenever I take the time to focus in that relaxed manner.

In the meantime I have spent many hours practicing energy type exercises and have had a number of other experiences. I even access my greater self to solve my professional problems (I am a technical person). I have been known to have intuitions and try to follow them.

I have always been interested in this aspect of life but have always lived in circumstances that mostly do not allow me to publicize my experiences. One interest I have is to prove that the Quantum Field of Physics, Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic field and the psychic energy field are all aspects of the same thing

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embryo (6 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-15)
Would you be able to focus on these bubbles again? Is it possible to draw a detailed diagram of them? I'm trying to collect a lot of detailed information about psychic experiences, particularly regarding particles or bubbles.

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