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Bubbles Or Orbs


Please help me! Ever since I was little (6 or 7) I've seen these bubbles. The first time I saw them I was outside and I just noticed a few floating up around me. Many people say that these things are from the light or there are something wrong with my eyes, but I have taken eye tests and head scans and everything is perfectly normal and fine. Now, since I am several years older, I can see millions bubbles around. And they aren't like the ones that some people say, the ones that you can see in pictures sometimes (I don't know anything about those) but these actually look like REAL bubbles, clear and perfectly shaped. I see them best when I'm outside in the clear sky. I can still see them anywhere though. I think I can see energy too and it's very hard to explain and the bubbles are just very unique and different. Sometimes I see certain groups of bubbles but I can't really get close to them or anything. I can also see auras around many people. I'm so confused. I get headaches a lot and I don't know if that might be what's causing it. I have talked to a few certain people about this and some think it is energy or portals but I honestly have no idea but I've been seeing them for so long and I really wish I could know more about them. I also have, once or twice, of what I can remember, had a dream and have a certain event of that dream (completely random and pretty small) happen the next day. It was weird and it would be great to have some input from more people. Please share your advice or thoughts on this. Thank you!

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max7272 (1 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-27)
Thankyou for the advice:) It is interesting to also hear what other people can see. I wish you the best.
Ancestor (47 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-28)
Hey there max, there no need to worry so much about the orbs, from what iv'e learned the smaller ones what you see are air orbs (like millions of them) the bigger ones are what I believe to be spirits, only just as orbs for now, I also starting to see spirits. (not as orbs only) but intire parts, can't see them whole yet though. But there is nothing wrong with you, infact your the normal person here, the abillity to do your own research (using your free will;) ), instead of believing what other people are saying, is something not many would do at first, you have an abillity and you can learn many more... You just simply have to ask your higherself;). And the headaches might come of some energy build up in the mind, like the mind (voice in your head) is fighting back, and tries to hold on to your old believes.
Only advice I can give you is keep on learning, your spirit guides are also always with you...:)

Wish you the best!


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