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Moon Light Sky


This freaked me out so bad. I was speechless and zoned out.

And it starts now.

I was working on an island for a weekend named Hinchinbrook because I was in one of the cyclone cleanup crews cleaning up cairns from the minor disaster. We all had to stay on the creepy island for a night. All the natives think the islands cursed but I thought it was just silly. But that night I was looking out to the sea and the beautiful moon light sky so-rounded by splodges of clouds it was so beautiful when the light hit the water almost like the light was touching me. I sat there for about 1 hour mesmerized by its beauty suddenly this cloud went across the moon and looked exactly like some letters of the alpha bet. It spelled out "Jose" at the time which was 7 months ago I did not know what it meant and 3 months later my mother's darkest secret came out about my real father who was a half Spanish man named Daniel Marino being curious I searched up the Marino families history about 15 minutes ago and the word Jose had came to my attention so I Googled the word Jose actual meaning and it came up with the following. God will rise again, God will increase. And those meanings are from the Spanish Origin.

When I saw that the meanings were in Spanish Origin I shivered, Goosebumps shot up my back, was this meant to happen or was it an accident or should I go see a doctor or do I need to go and check my eyes I don't know what it means but I'm just looking for some answers and What you all think of my experience.

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