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Weird Clouds In The Sky


A few years ago I was traveling with my parents by car and we decided to stop by a supermarket to get some stuff. My parents went out to go get them and me and my sister stayed in the car.

I felt really bored so I looked outside through the window and I started watching the clouds that were forming on the sky. They didn't have a particular shape so I just kept looking at them until my eyes fell on two particular clouds.

They were next to eachother and one of them was the face of a man with a medium sized beard, probably in his 40-50s (I assumed that mostly based on his beard). His hair wasn't very long but not short either, probably medium lengthed. He instantly reminded me of Zeus for some reason, like how you often see Zeus's face being illustrated in kids books and such.

The other cloud next to him was the face of a woman. She was old too and her hair was up in a ban. She reminded me of an old lady with her hair up like that.

You could say they were just normal clouds that happened to have the shape of a man's and a woman's face but the weird part was that right where their eyes were supposed to be there were black dots. It looked like they had black eyes. No irises, just black dots. Their faces were extremely detailed, like, I could almost make out the wrinkles on the woman's face. They also looked like they were staring down at the world or at me.

I was so shocked but I didn't feel afraid, more like amazed. I turned around to show them to my younger sister and I distinctly remember placing my index finger on the window's glass right where these two faces were so that I'd be able to locate them easier. I told her to look at where I was pointing but the moment I looked back they were both gone.

Most clouds don't disappear in the span of seconds. They usually move a bit or their shape changes but they don't disappear. However these two clouds did and it was like they were never there in the first place.

I kept telling my sister about what I'd seen but she just ignored me. Our parents came back and we continued our journey back home.

While we were still in the car I decided to look outside at the clouds once more, just in case I notice something weird again.

I tried to make out any shapes and I quickly found a cloud that kind of looked like a human. It wasn't detailed as the previous ones but it did have a head, two holes for eyes, one hole for mouth, two arms, a body and two legs. It didn't have black eyes but I decided to just wave at it (don't ask me why). So I did and right then it looked like this human-cloud thing was slowly waving back at me.

I remember I didn't feel any fear, more like happiness because I kept smiling at it. For some weird reason it felt completely normal to me, like I was actually supposed to see these weird clouds or them waving back at me. I know this last one could've just been my imagination but it really looked like it waved back at me with a smile on its face! The first two clouds with the black eyes however were really weird. I don't know why they were there, who they were or what they meant but I've always felt really happy and excited whenever something unexpected happened to me or like a piece of me is missing...

Ps. I'm sorry for my English and any mistakes:)

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MoonInsideMe (2 stories) (34 posts)
1 year ago (2018-08-02)
Hey Kook, I saw your comment on my post, and I'd love if you could email me at AresWulf911 [at] ❤

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