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Atmokinesis Etc And Weird Childhood Experience



Hi, I can't talk to anyone about this that I know as they will think I'm crazy, which sounds quite obvious as the majority of people would think I'm just making it up. Years ago, me and an old friend watched TV shows that showed kinetic abilities and we decided to try some. We were around 13, now we are 18. We don't speak anymore. At the time we tried to do atmokinesis (weather) and others including: hydrokinesis, aerokinesis, cyrokinesis and pyrokinesis. The only one that worked for me was atmokinesis.

The other day I thought I would try atmokinesis again. The sun was shining, it wasn't really cloudy. I tried to make it rain by thinking about it and trying to use a hand motion. I then sat down on my laptop and started to forget about it because it didn't happen instantly. Within 10 minutes I heard lots of banging so I went to the window. It was throwing it down, not just a little. A lot.

Today I tried again, it wasn't supposed to rain until 1pm. At 11:30am I focused on the idea of rain and soon enough it started to rain so fast.

When I do this the rain is usually in short bursts. It throws it down for about 5 minutes, rains slower, then fast. I haven't tried snow as it is 20 degrees which wouldn't be possible.

I can also generate wind but I struggle to choose the direction it moves. I have some trees in my garden to practice with.


When I was 12 it was sports day at secondary school (high school for US) and a childhood bully was being mean to me and the friend I mentioned previous. I wished something would happen to the girl and instantly she got a nose bleed. Something like that hasn't happened since and I haven't tried. It's just something I've never understood.

I wondered if anyone could talk to me about their kinetic abilities, I don't mind if it is atmokinesis or not. I feel kind of alone about all this, I hope someone believes in this stuff.

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Iza (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-22)
I think I have aerokinesis and atmokinesis. Sometimes I feel crazy because when I test out this ability sometimes it doesn't work right away. The other day the rain came pouring down and something was outside wasn't suppose to get wet so I ran outside and told the rain to stop and on the matter of seconds it was only a little drops of rain and as I retrieved my things the rain began to pour down again. So it's not only you.
Joey4213 (1 stories) (19 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-20)
So back to Rettmom's point you arn't the only one here and there is a consequence for every action and over time I seem to have figured that out that's not the point to what I'm saying, I have a certain control over nature if you want to say the direction wind blows sometimes how hard and well I have lost a decent amount of power over the time that I have lived here because I have never had to share the natural aura of energy in my area with anyone as I seemed to be the only one within my area (that was powerful enough to manipulate this "aura") so I have noticed that I gain a large amount of power whenever there is an electricity "leak" into the aura basically my body harvests that as I require that energy to do many things I do but this area isn't as rich as it once was, it also helps to have a large buildup of energy (clouds that make thunder and lightning) but yea I have a similar control that you do but I think that I found another one of "us" I have no idea yet though I haven't gotten time to really think into it
Rettmom (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-21)
Hello Atmo,
So, you aren't alone (at atmo K), though if your time frame from expression to event is accurate, you are hella more effective than me, or anyone in my family. However, we have figured out over generations that we have to do things slowly, or we can really mess up weather patterns. Given Karma, the Wiccan Rede, or just plain old balance in the universe, we've learned not to do anything that is drastic because of the potential for harms.
As for other kinetics, sure, but not usually at will - only in case of emergency / great need. For instance, when my son was 5 or 6, he was outside in the hot tub with my mom and me and (we think) one of the cats knocked a metal pole over towards us. It was going to hit my son in the head, but my mom put her hand up (she was not next to my son) and made a medium-toned wordless sound and without touching it, the pole changed directions - away from my son. Now, as with all beneficial events, there has to be a price, and the pole instead crashed into the window of my parent's back door. But, the window can be repaired to good as new. No guarantees of full recovery from a head injury, so it was a very good thing.
The gesture and sound my mom made were not planned, nor ritual. In fact, they were purely instinctive, and could not be repeated to the same effect (we tried - without my son around, of course).
Maybe we're just not very "powerful," compared to you, or maybe we've come to accept a "governor" of sorts to keep us from doing harm. Either way, you sound like you have great potential, and /or need to practice at being more purposeful with your "casting."
Don't worry if it still goes wonky for the first several times. Just make sure what you are envisioning is largely harmless - like a dense fog that only lasts an hour. In fact, putting time limits on your events might be a good way to begin to school your skills.
Good luck from Oregon (N.America)!

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