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The Letter H


I feel that now is the right time for me to share another strange experience with you guys.

I would be very glad if I'd see your views and get a fresh perspective on this topic.

Thank you!

Where to begin?

I met one guy in 2008, who I thought was my Twin Flame since 2014, thanks to this site. His name starts with letter H, let us call him Hart.

Before meeting Hart, I remember, how in 2007 came to me letter H.

After meeting Hart, huge growth spiritually happened and letter H still haunted me, I thought it was a sign from above that these higher beings want to show me that way, this man Hart is the one, just wait until things get on the right track and then you'll end up together.

Some years later, just literally everywhere haunts me a specific name, let's us call it Hugh, not just letter H.

Along the way, I have a new soul connection with a guy named Tanner. I know he is the new soul connection because I feel I haven't met him before like in a previous life or something. I sense with him could be only a potential future, no past involvement in any form.

I met online with one Hugh because I looked on his facebook and a few things that he shared personal info about himself was as if I felt that Hugh would have. But he is not the right Hugh, nothing went from there, but still.

The Hugh name haunts me! It also then started to haunt me a little Henry's name.

I am confused, because having a soulful connection with Tanner, who helped me see, how at the end poisoned connection was with Hart.

I tried to be in connection with the Hugh, I haven't met yet, I really don't know, but as far as feeling, it was as if it would end up something karmic as with Hart.

Does the letter H and especially Hugh name wants to say he would be someone from hell or heaven-sent, I still don't get it!?

Because trying to be in spiritual connection with someone I haven't even met yet, makes it actually easier for lower forces to manipulate the situation, so the Hugh subject for me is open in that case, perhaps he is not karmic still.

Although the connection with Tanner just came, after I met him. He rarely but surely visits my dreams. The first time he confessed his love through poetry and love confessions came in another way through dreams. Other times he kissed my forehead three times and were very close too.

Hart was a guy with whom I was always connected through dreams, I practically dreamt of him every night and signs were positive, but with Tanner were in warning kind.

In reality, Hart does not care for me, but Tanner is there to help and I feel his warmth even through my hands and in soul space. I am talking by distance.

The truth is, that I was clingy and needy with Hart and I am grateful for him, because of the growth, what happened because of him, but with Tanner I feel the healthy way of being, not being around. No worries. Being there, a happy feeling. I do sense his energy before coming to my place. I am an empath too, I sense people's energy and their emotional state.

Still, when everything seems so good at the moment telepathically, spiritually, whatever with Tanner. Why on Earth the name Hugh haunts me? What at all the letter H wants to tell me?

Should I keep away from men, whose name starts with H or its another way around?

It is for me specifically a bad feeling if I would keep Tanner as another guy in this story. All because his name starts with T, not H, right?

Confusing. I am a basket case.

(PS! All names are changed on purpose, only the first letters of these names remained the same to not miss the real point. Thank you!)

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lavielefevre_9 (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-21)
well, my story is, that my soulmate, my girl, I gave her a number, 2. When I think about her, I see 2. Evrywhere, as it is on car plates, they tell me a whole story because I give numbers names and feelings and it guides me along,. My current boyfriend, (I love. Boy and girl but I feel like I am lesbian) ... Its difficult and not everybody understands. Still, his number is 8. Or 3. And sometimes, life tells me, through numbers and letters, what needs to happen. I think 8+2 is 10, that is smaller than 8+3, which means. I have to let him by himself, and I cannot have both, I need her, or him, I am 9. So,,,, think deep. 9 +2, the goal of mine. Is 11. 11 is part of my big spirit number which I call 2911. 2911 means me in full happiness". So I don't even consider adding his numbers into mine. Fact is. He can be happy without me, I need her. To be real happy with her. U understand =?!?!?!

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