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Reading Photos And Letters Psychometry


Do you have an ability to sense things, information and such, just by touching things? It is called psychometry Can you touch a photo and then get a dream or vision about the person. I get a warning dream from touching my sister photo before I went to bed. Here is how I do it. I touch a photo right before sleeping. I then go to sleep. If something is going to happen to that person I will dream about it since I had touched the photo. Also If I say a person's name out loud. And think about that person before I sleep. I will usually get a warning dream about them.

I can also touch letters and get a reading. I just touch the letter and then put it in my bedroom and go to sleep. If something is going to happen to them I then dream it. Can any of you do this. I started doing this at 14 years old by accident. I touched my aunts letter and then feel asleep and dreamed she had died. I was right.

It seems the letters or photos have energy if something is going to happen to that person. If it is just a normal thing for that person I don't see anything.

Do any of you also have this ability? "All objects are made of atoms, which vibrate. They are capable of holding information within those vibrations. Some people, like you, are able to sense or feel those vibrations and sense or experience or just 'know' that information. I have tried this method awake Psychometry and can't seem to do it. I try to hold the object or photo and concentrate on the photo and clear my mind. I get no images.

Only when I sleep. But one I noticed some missing people photo I look into their eyes and get a connection. If it has a photo with large eyes and can make the photo large. I look into the eyes of the that photo. Sometimes then I get a connection with the missing. On occasion I dream about them. I have to relax and not be worried about something. If I only think of the photo as the last thing before I sleep. Sometimes I dream of that missing person in the photos. Usually I have to actually touch a photo or letter to get a reading of that person. On on occasion can get a reading from a photo on the internet. Can any of you do this? Or have some abilities like this? Internet reading from a photo is hard to do.

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-06)
Hi Carri,

I cannot say that I have the ability to instantly feel visions/messages from holding an object. To me the psychic process is rather slow. I have to go into deep meditation to get messages. So in a sense, to me all psychic readings are the same, including psychometry. It's all a matter of mental focus.


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