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Proof Of Telepathy/mind Reading


I have another absolutely conclusive example of evidence that proves that the capability to read minds and/or communicate telepathically exists and is widely used.

It's a clandestine capability, and there is a lot of crime and government corruption involved. That's why it's not reported in the press.

Anyway, I was getting off an airplane in Thailand, and I went to the smoker's area to have a cigarette. I was adjusting to the change in the psionic field as a result of the change in sovereign jurisdiction.

As I walked up to the smoker's lounge, I vocalized the word "ramudan" in my mind, making absolutely no sound, and without opening or moving my mouth; ie, the basic thought process, although I was aware that I was pushing the thought to the locals based on previous evidence. This was in reference to the Thai fruit, which has a similar sound to the Islamic calendar month.

The man on the bench in the smoker's lounge, who was paying attention to his cell phone, smiled and said out loud, very clearly "ramudan". His tone was a bit disdainful, indicating that he was not going to even deny that he had the capability to perceive what I had thought.

Based on my experience in Asia, especially Buddhist and Hindu countries, the capability pervades the society and they are a lot better at it.

Another example of evidence was in a corporate setting in the financial sector in New York. The capability is probably used there to violate the Volckner rule to bypass government surveillance when they interact with foreigners. I was trying to test the capability and I vocalized the words "what is 5 + 3?" in my mind. A co-worker in the room, who did not identify himself, said, out loud and clearly "8". Another co-worker then said out loud clearly "there's your confirmation". Another co-worker then said out loud clearly "we have a process to monitor it".

So basically, the capability is pervasive but religiously denied in public.

Another interesting occurrence that I am just recalling is as follows: I was busy on my computer, listening to the conversations of other co-workers by osmosis for an extended period of time. I was startled by an anomaly that occurred - basically what happened was that a conversation between two co-workers repeated itself; that is, two people were talking, and then the exactly same language repeated itself; that is, the person skipped back about 15 seconds and then the conversation repeated, it was exact, not just the language but the intonations.

I think it was probably a scam and that they were pretending to simulate a time-related anomaly as a prank. Anyway, I turned my head to look at them because I was so startled by the repetition in the conversation, like I had skipped backwards in time. I turned my head instantly when it occurred and probably had an expression of surprise. Anyway, a co-worker on the other side of the room said out loud, clearly "you're the only one that knew that anything had occurred".

Again, assuming it wasn't a prank, which it probably was, it may have been some kind of time anomaly, probably not naturally occurring because the co-workers involved insinuated that they caused it. I think it was a prank.

Anyway, that kind of paranormal/psychic capability is "well-known" in the financial sector.

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-14)
I actually have this ability as well dealing with synchronicity. Words would pop into my head that I am either getting ready to hear or read somewhere. It isn't easy either. I was sitting down one day and a number popped into my head of a plane. I later learned that it was an Air Force plane that had just crashed.

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