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I am unable to contact a person who I need to, a person I've known for over a decade. For the longest time all I had to do was think of him and then I would see him. He would just suddenly walk into a store I was in. A few times I could go out and feel a tether, follow it and find him and walk in on him. Just a slight pull like when one has a hand on a spirit board. The day my father died I was in a cvs and in he walked the furthest thing from my mind but the first person I saw who I knew not part of my family and it woke me up to the fact that time keeping beating on like a drum. I felt him a sign from my father that I still had friends here. Anyway, I started sending him thought forms telling him I would be at a place, and then find him there when I got there. I made a wish to see him one day and walking around I was hit with a gust of wind from the river. I turned from it and bent over as it was knocking me over and when I stood up facing this new direction, there he was. On memorial weekend 2016 one of my older brothers childhood friends came across me as I was walking into the mall and without a word or warning grabbed me and started dragging me into the parking lot. I called out and a random male shopper came running over and yelled at him and I was let go, I demanded who he was not recognizing him and then told him to stay away and never touch me again. I was scared and never thanked the stranger who helped. I ran away into the mall scared to death. On my way home I was in a gas station, I spun around and literally ran into my friend who was right behind me. So, I thought, this friend of mine is a very special person. He is here to protect me. I asked him to help me with a problem though in March, a very large and complex one, and now he's gone. I can't find him. The thought forms don't work, I feel no pull. I never gave him my number. I didn't tell him to call, I just thought I'd see him again. So, up comes my mystery. I performed a new thought form telepathic message where you create an imaginary vortex to send a message. I said his name, "please call me and tell me about my case." Weeks later I wake up at 3am to a female voice in my ear, so real I feel it tickle and the breath blowing in my ear, the squeeky sound of a scratchy whisper. I feel it's a psychic answering service before it starts and know its for me, but the message I received was- his name, "please call me and tell me about our son." It's my message but changed. He doesn't have a son. And why did the message come to me? I recognized her voice but couldn't place her exactly. She sounded like me but wasn't. As I thought it was an answering service I think the voice doesn't matter, just the message. Is this message my message come back garbled with my case symbolic as a masculin energy of a son? Is that the message he got from me, is he receiving my messages messed up? Or is it just proof he no longer receives my messages and it was a return to post? I can't find him so I don't know. I have visions of him helping me on my problem, in sudden flashes in the day and in dreams, but that's all I receive. My heart says he's tried to help me. No real world confirmation. Does anyone else have an idea of what losing ones link and receiving bounced back messages mean? I don't have his number and he's not on Facebook or anything. We've just been causal friends who run into each other often.

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