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Conversing Through Telepathy?


I believe I have had psychic experiences since I was a young child (I believe the term is 'indigo child') when I communicated the spirit of my deceased great-grandmother. I have a few empaths in my family so the idea of the afterlife or spirits were never taboo in my household. Although, I have kept this realization a secret thus far for fear of persecution from my peers.

I have explored my mediumship more in depth for a while now (which can be a burden at times) but I have never really had an psychic-like experience with living people until a few months ago.

Most recently I have been having what seems to be conversations with an individual through telepathy. I had seen this individual in a local theatre production and channeled him somehow. I haven't had much validation that something like this was real until I received a telepathic message saying he was going to message me on Facebook. Lo and behold, he did. This happened about a month ago and hasn't happened since, causing me to become quite paranoid. I have said that I wanted him to message me again and converse further but it hasn't happened yet.

I have been quite scared of this new experience and feel as though I am going crazy, as the symptoms of this experience are very similar to those of schizophrenia. Although I know many empaths feel this sense of paranoia that they are in fact suffering from it. I haven't found many stories about this on here or through other sources and I just wanted to know if others have experienced something similar. If so, what do I do? Help would be much appreciated.

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Tripox21 (31 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-30)
Hello bleach, well spirits use telepathy to communicate with us, it sounds like our own inner voice but you can tell the difference if youre not thinking and suddenly a picture and a voice from you appears, seems however like you are having a premonition's either you have done just that in another reality and follow your own footsteps just like in the other one and your two lives are enough close enough to know what will happen next since your other one already experienced this scenario... Or your just deeply intouch with the surroundings, I had one just like you! Deja vu's are like when you do something youve done exactly like your other self has done before and that's why you can pinpoint that you have done this another time! Anyy questions or something to enlighten you!?:)
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-26)
Hi bleachedcobain,

From what I read about ancient humans (from sources such as Edgar Cayce and Dolores Cannon), paranormal and psychic powers were prevalent at ancient times. Eventually most of those abilities and human-to-human telepathy being one of them vanished for various reasons. So today I think telepathy between humans is ultra-rare (if it at all exists). More common is telepathy between human and non-human entity/being. This is how you can communicate with virtually any being in the universe. So I really believe that it was not the person who directly talked mentally to you but instead a non-physical being around him that conveyed the message to you.


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