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Is This Telepathy, Or Can Everybody Do This?


I am able to recite what I am hearing word-for-word in my head, in the speaker's voice, as I hear it. If somebody is talking to me, in my mind, I'm constantly reciting exactly what they're saying in my head as they're saying it, and it isn't in my mental voice but rather their voice. When I watch TV, even if I'm watching something I've never seen before, I am able to mentally say and even mimic sound effects in the show, in characters' voices, as I hear it. I can do it with music, too, and so can learn the lyrics to a song just by listening to it once or twice and really focusing on the lyrics in my head. Any sounds I hear, in fact, are mimicked in my head instantly as I hear them. It's the equivalent to mirroring an object - I "mirror" the sounds I hear in my head. I can say it out loud, too, as I hear it, but I'll jumble the words up a bit and sometimes get a little confused and stumble over it and so it doesn't sound as perfect as it does in my head.

Is this a form of telepathy? I've been doing this for as long as I can remember and I've never intended to do it, I just naturally do. It takes concentration and relaxation for me to not do it, actually, so when I'm meditating, I cannot have any type of sound interruption whatsoever or else it will create the sound thought in my mind as I hear it and disrupt the relaxation.

I've always thought this was normal and so I've never asked anybody if they can do it. I have seen my sister watch the same movie a dozen times and then when she could recite some of the words out loud, my mother was surprised that she had seen the movie enough to be able to do it so just recently I recalled that moment and began to wonder if this isn't a form of telepathy that I just never knew I had.

On another note, when I sing along to a song out loud, I am able to match the singer's tone and pitch perfectly unless it is too ridiculously high or too ridiculously low of a pitch for me to physically be able to sing. It's only if I'm listening to the song, though. I can't just match the pitch perfectly without hearing it at the same time.

What do you guys think?

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Lyro (468 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-06)
I'm a little confused on what you're talking about exactly, from what I was reading it sounds almost like Echoic memory. Basically photographic memory but with sounds. You're hearing things and remember what they sound like clearly. At least from what I was reading that's what it sounds like. I mean you very well could be psychic as well, I've said it before I think everyone is, just those that have awakened their genes back into it, and those that haven't. Though as I was once told, not everything is supernatural.
~ Lyro

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