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Could I Be A Slight Medium?


When I am alone, I often feel as though there is a presence around me or sometimes I'll see humanoid figures out of my peripheral vision but when I look at them, they disappear. The figures are never doing anything other than walking around and sometimes they seem to be able to see me and acknowledge my presence and sometimes I just see them walking down the sidewalk and when I look back, they're gone.

The most recent memory I have of this is a very clear recollection that happened a few days prior. Before I say this, I must point out that I do use medical marijuana daily to help with asthma, depression and anxiety, sleep problems and eating problems. I know for a fact that these figures are not some sort of hallucination created by the drug, though, because I remember seeing them back before I started smoking, too. The presences never feel negative, nor do they ever really feel positive. They don't really scare me persay but they startle me and catch me off guard and so I try not to focus on the feeling of presences around me.

Anyway, this event happened a few days ago, at night time. I had just smoked and I always feel like my psychic abilities are enhanced when I smoke - I am able to concentrate and focus more, I am more self-aware and more observant, I retreat to a place of deeper thinking and I believe that is why being high seems to enhance my higher brain function. I left my apartment to go and get my boyfriend and I some slurpees, and as soon as I got in the car and began driving, I felt very distracted by my environment in a way I never have been before. Usually when you're driving, you focus on the road, lights and stop signs, and other cars and everything else sort of melts away. Well, I was hyper-focused on everything. Especially if you're driving a route which you take often, you usually ignore your environment. This is a route I take very often and so it's not like I was seeing anything new. I could concentrate on both driving and observing my environment at the same time and I felt almost in a daze, as if I was driving on autopilot and my conscious brain was paying attention to everything around me. I did not consciously remind myself where to turn, to slow down, to stop, etc. My body just sort of automatically did it while I studied my environment and the way I was feeling. Several times, I thought I saw the figure of somebody walking down the sidewalk and had to do a double take and when I looked back, nothing. I felt as though I had reached a higher state of concentration, where I was seeing things my usual brain couldn't comprehend. The only way I can explain it is that I feel as though I was seeing things through my mind and not my eyes, I feel as though my third eye was opened and I was able to see through it instead of through my physical eyes. I imagine the way it felt is the way it would feel to become lucid in a dream. I felt as though I was dreaming very vividly but I had full consciousness and knew I was awake.

Could these be spirits I'm seeing? I always feel them before I see them and often times I feel them but do not see them. Often times, my body temperature changes suddenly for no reason and sometimes my mood changes randomly with seemingly no cause for it.

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-03)
Or being high makes you hallucinate and otherwise not in your right mind. I don't feel you are a medium at all. Presentient? Maybe... But that's it
EvelynHeart47 (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-02)
Hey, haileymorgan13! I've essentially been experiencing the same thing you have when it comes to feeling or sensing them most of the time and sometimes seeing them. However, I have never experienced such a deep connection as you had when you were driving, so that was a truly blessed moment:)

I see that you have other stories that question your abilities. I would say don't question it; if you're fine with what and how you're experiencing your abilities, then just live in the moment. Of course, if you wanted to enhance your abilities and connect even further, there's always different techniques you can try.

Good luck and I hope everything works out for you ^_^


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