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What Could This Dream Means?


I am wondering what the meaning of the dreams that I had last night meant. I am still struggling with the fact that my best friend is no longer here. I had a dream while I was sleep of my deceased best friend and it was clear as daylight. In the dream I was with my best friend sitting beside her while she was doing her College homework on the laptop. We was in an apartment and I was sitting on the floor with her. We was laughing and talking, but in the dream one day people tried to tell me she was dead. I called her mom telling her shes not dead, she's right beside me doing homework. She had braids in her head and in the dream I seen her dead just after the time people were trying to convince me that she was gone. We was going places, and going to school together in the dream. After she was killed, I remembered clearly that the trial of her ex-boyfriend started and ended even after he was found dead. I remember looking at the court docket online and seeing the ending trial with his death certificate listed on the docket for court. It felt as if I was re-living the entire scenario over in the dream repeating memories as if she didn't die, and she is still here. Me and my best friend got closer in High School. We sat beside each other in Art class and would help each other with work. When she didn't come to class or was late for class, the teacher would ask me "where is your partner in crime"? I was in another City going through domestic violence myself, and remember re-activating my Facebook page only to find that her family was looking for me to help solve her case. I didn't know anything happened to her because I had to get rid of my phone, and had no means of communication. I moved back home, met up with her mom, and started helping with the case. According to her mom, they were taking all day and dragging the case. Day in and out I was helping the detective especially the family. There was another Detective who tried to hinder the investigation because of personal contacts of the guy family. Cell phone records processing was going slow, and etc to slow down the investigation before I returned home. When I came home is when I found out everything. At the time, she was in the Hospital in another City in a coma, but later died. Nobody could come see her except family, and I didn't have the strength to go see her like this. I blamed myself for what happened to her. I came into the Detectives office one day with her mom and found my way into her Facebook account. The messages in her Facebook account created guilt for me and detectives needed the messages for court. I even found evidence of the ex boyfriend deleting information and searching for her family members. I poured my heart into her case and was ready for trial. Reading those messages, I just couldn't do so. A few days before trial the boyfriend was found dead in his jail cell. The boyfriend was my childhood best-friend and it was still hard that he did this to my best-friend. I didn't give up on her case and in fact the process went faster when I became involved. Before I came home, the prosecutor was repeatedly letting him out of jail because of lack of evidence. Me and her mom stayed at the Police Department and the case was solved within a month of me returning. The last time he was incarcerated was the last time he was released. The dream felt extremely real because we was always beside each other when we were in the same place. I haven't moved into my new home yet and the dream felt as if I was re-living the events with memories all over again. I was spending so much time with her laughing, and when they told me she was actually deceased I did not believe anyone. I even called her mom to tell her she was still alive and over to my house in the dream. I always felt her death was my fault, I didn't have any means of communication at all. I was repeatedly being beaten by my ex boyfriend. Her family thanks me until this day for putting so much energy and helping solve the case. I owed that much to her and I miss her so much.

After the dream about my best friend, I immediately had a dream about an ex boyfriend of mines. An ex boyfriend texted me trying to get back with me last week. I have not heard from my boyfriend in months, and I broke up with him last year. I broke up with him because I found out he was living with a female. In the dream, I came to visit him at someone trailer. The resident who stayed there was home and he came to visit me there. It looked as if it was at a trailer park. The current girlfriend lived a few trailers down. I was getting ready to leave when I came back in the house and the person in the house became immediately mean to me. She told me to get my things and get out. As I was leaving, my truck battery was dead. I had to repeatedly keep trying and finally the engine started up. I was in an area that I was totally unfamiliar with, and this was in another State in a location I never been in. While in the house, he was repeatedly going back and forth to her house. This meet up spot was a hideout from his girlfriend. The person who stays in the trailer began beating on him and he fell to the ground covering his face. The current girlfriend came into the house to bring art craft to this lady that was living there. She didn't notice who I was and didn't know I was there for my ex at the time. I left the trailer and was trying to find my way out this area, my battery kept dying, and my truck was moving slow. I passed through this neighborhood and I seen a girl run outside in my rear-view mirror into the middle of the street. When she saw my license plates she immediately looked shock while proceeding to run in the house. I had trouble finding my way out this place because it seem like I was going around in circles not able to find the highway out of the area. I later ended up in a Church somehow for bible study and girls kept staring at me. The girls found me at the Church and drama started afterwards. The girl who first seen me was the current girlfriend cousin. My license plate displayed Arkansas and she immediately knew who I was. The trailer owner was speaking about the current girlfriend as if she is nothing, but later switched up. In reality, the current girlfriend has heard about me already which lead to the breakup and she knows I use to stay in Arkansas while they live in Tennessee. There is someone new I am interested in and at times I think of going back to my ex-boyfriend when I shouldn't.

I am not sure what this dream means because I have had psychic dreams before that turned out true. Synchronicity plays a huge role in my abilities.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-21)
I was compelled to check back in just now. I was thinking about your issues. I am glad that I could help in some small way. It makes me happy when I can help relieve someones anxiety and confusion. I felt a weight lift and a change. 😊
I will warn you not to bring her mom into what you are going through. She is not equipped to talk about it right now and it will only bring her pain. Sometimes you have to be careful of what you share with people and who you share it with.
I hope you will find time and space to calm your spirit and mind.
Follow your gut instincts when you are confused. Your inner voice well help guide you. I would not get involved with your old boyfriend if you think you probably shouldn't. It is your life and only you can decide what path to take once you have the information. 😉
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-21)
It actually did! Yes it felt like she was still alive in my dream. It even felt like reality. I was even going to call her mom and tell her she wasn't dead she's alive. She was sitting beside me in the dream in an apartment. I'm about to move into an apartment so it's freaky. All the events up to her death and the trial that never happened, replayed itself. We was both on the floor laughing while she was doing homework. She even had braids. I miss my best friend more than anything
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-21)

I hope what I am about to tell you helps you a little bit. I am also empathic and sometimes have episodes of remote viewing that I call traveling. It can sometimes become very confusing because it is kind of a split. You are existing in 2 realities at once in 2 time periods. You are in one place somewhat aware of what is going on, and your higher self is in another place interacting with and experiencing what is happening, or going to happen, or has happened.
Sometimes something very weird will happen and your higher self will attempt to protect you or warn you to change direction. This is a defense mechanism to try and bring you back into balance. Without this happening to an empath they will lose their sanity or become fractured. Your higher self is trying to auto correct or balance.
You need to back away from people and outside influences for awhile and relax, meditate, cleanse and recharge.
Your mind is trying to solve problems it can't and won't. Your higher self is trying to guide you away from it and down a different less destructive path. I hope this might help you in some small way.

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