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Psychic Daydream Seizures


I am not aware of many things until recently that is a pattern of continuing events. I have times where it is really quiet, I am alone and I fall into a deep daydream. These daydreams are often lead by body movements and head movements as if I am reacting to a current situation. The situation that I am reacting to actually occur the next day. The situation plays out exactly how I dreamed it, even with a person body movements including the kind of clothes they are wearing. I can be sleep and have clear daydreams of a specific place, and I will wake up thinking that I am there. There was an incident in regards to this that I can use as an example.

I was in my college dorm asleep and had a deep dream about me being in a place surrounded by white walls, and crying while looking at a camera. I later ended up in that place the very next day stemming from an incident. The room I was placed in was made the exact same way and I was laying towards the same camera. I was also crying as I did in my dream. In the dream, I actually thought I was at this place, and jumped up out my sleep looking around. I also have the ability to sense people presence in connection to me or in the wrong manner. I either wake up out my sleep shaking or start shaking while I am awake, with the urge to get in my truck to drive. If you are in connection with me inciting bad intentions and is near me, I am going to start shaking with that urge or get woken up out my sleep.

Most of the time when I am sitting down alone, I drift off into this weird daydream in which my brain is constantly thinking anyhow. There are conversations topics including words in regards to my Mom. The very next day she said word from word with the exact reactions. I had a dream while sleeping about a male friend that I have not seen in a long time. The dream was in regards to his newborn baby and him telling me he is not going to mess up and go to jail. I woke up hours later and discovered the U.S.Marshal picked him up. I had another mini daydream seizure while laying down in bed. In the dream, my Father told me I don't do anything for him and etc. The argument did happen in the exact way using the exact words. There are many times when words pop into my head in connection with something. There is this cold case involving a missing girl that popped into my head that I had a daydream occurrence about while sitting around. I never researched the case but only heard it on the news. I seen clear images of what's happening and did research on the case only to find others said exactly what I had seen. I blurt out things that I do not know where they come from at all until later and it turns out to be true. This is another reason why I avoid situations in which I have to explain myself or argue with a person in regards to anything. It is best to keep my answers simple in a calm voice. I also had experiences where a person is talking to me unaware of what they are actually saying to me. Last year, I walked in the tax collector place to get my assessment. There were two ladies present and as soon as I entered the door one lady started talking saying "hey". I was confused on a matter in regards to me being taxed three times on the same car and back taxed in reference to dirty work. The lady explained in thorough details from top to bottom how the matter happen unaware of what she is telling me and showing me. The only thing I said was" I have a question about my charges". I showed her the assessor papers and she just took off talking. I have the ability to receive information, but they are not aware of what they are telling me at all.

No matter what conversation that I have with a person, information is going to come out of their mouth in relations to something that is in connection to me. So many people are totally aware of what they are telling me, but I never say anything. I am clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. When I have daydream seizures my body is moving as if I am interacting with the matter. I can see the person clothes, their body figure, location, and know what the conversation is about. I can clearly see as if I am standing right next to you. I am also active in Criminal Investigations. All of this sneaks up on me, so this is hard to keep up with. Imagine playing connect the dots.

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-17)
Its called Psychic trances... Learn something new everyday
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-17)
Its not called psychic seizures. I later learned what this intuitive experience is called. Mediums often experience this

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