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Feeling Of Being Watched And Followed


I often feel like I am being watched and followed. This is the second home where this has happened to me and paranormal activity isn't at all new to me. Almost a month ago, I had a dream about a lady and in the dream she was alive. In the dream, the lady was going back and forth from the closet in the room, to the bathroom across the hall. The weird part of the dream was that she was carrying towels as if she was doing house chores. I go from the room to the bathroom everyday the way she did in my dream because the bathroom is across the hallway. I later found out that this room I am currently sleeping in, is her room. The lady is deceased and she is the previous homeowner mother. I have had the closet door open on it's own, knocks on the wall, and light bulbs goes out. In the dream, I seen this lady entirely clear and a person would actually think that she is still alive. When I am alone in the house, it feels empty and a different energy feeling comes about. When my mother is at home the energy shift and it becomes heavy again just like a normal house. The energy feels as if the house is filled with furniture when people are here. When it is night time, I feel like I am being followed in the hallways if I am at the house alone. I feel mostly watched in the kitchen. When I am washing my hair in the kitchen, it feels like someone is standing behind the kitchen table staring me down. Whether or not I am left home alone, the kitchen is the hot spot. I am afraid to put my head under the water or turn my back at night when I am alone. When my mother is here, the energy does not change, not even in the kitchen. The feeling you get is your every move is being followed, and you are being stared down at. The kitchen is the most I am afraid to be alone in when nobody is at the house with me. As soon as I leave the bathroom, I am not alone entering the hallway. I get the feeling someone is walking behind me until I get to my room. The safest place is my room. I am just now discovering my abilities, and still learning more about them. These activities only happens when it is dark outside and I am home by myself. When the sun comes up, the house feels full again as if people are at the house with me. At night-time, the dogs outside bark constantly nonstop. When I peep out the window, the dogs are barking towards the window I am approaching. My Mother dogs do not like me since the day they seen me. My energy also gets drained, and whenever my energy drains for a certain doing, something bad is about to occur. When the bad event is over, my energy boosts back up. Previously, my energy drained for 3 weeks and lost interest in my laptop. After 3 weeks, I found out my laptop was hacked into. After 3 weeks, my energy levels boosted up for me to be interested in my laptop again. If something is bad about to occur, my energy levels drop. I had another experience at my Father house with the feeling of being watched. Paranormal activities isn't unfamiliar to me and I had plenty of them. At my father's house, I was lying down in bed and all of a sudden the lights came on. If I am at the house alone, I feel afraid to walk out the bedroom door. I feel like I am being watched in the kitchen and someone is staring me down in halls. At my Father house, I have seen shadows out the corner of my eye. The energy changes in the house when my Father leaves for work, and it feels like an empty house. The energy feels so loose. One night I was washing dishes at my Father house, I seen a shadow figure out the corner of my eye. This again happened at night. I even have been woken up out my sleep by a voice asking me what am I doing and I often find myself replying. I turn around and there is absolutely nobody there in the room with me. I am not in tune with my abilities yet. No harm has been done and I am just wondering are there anyone else with medium abilities that often feel followed? I was on a trip a few months ago and as I came out the bathroom one night, each room I passed the light came on. In the kitchen, if I am washing my hair or have my back turned I feel like I am being watched.

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
[at] megan are you still around? I am going to email you on my gmail account shortly about this
Meagan (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-25)
ok, from what I have read there is definitely a spirit there. And now there is a video I would like you to watch, which I will leave down at the bottom of this comment. The video is about Dominion, which is a power that all humans are born with. Dominion is the ultimate power of psychic protection, which all humans can use. It's why you don't hear people talking to their angels everyday, because they need our complete consent to come into our lives. We are so powerful that even angels and the higher forces above can't really do much for us until we let them. So earthbound spirits can never harm you unless you let them, or unless you don't know your own strength.
I am a medium and I used to be very afraid of Shadow People when I was younger. But that was very silly of me, for we're so much more powerful. An analogy that I heard once was that Shadow People are like young children calling us, the adult, mean and ugly.
If you still feel afraid you can always call on Archangel Micheal and Archangel Azrael to help you set boundaries with this spirit and Azrael to help move the spirit along.
And if you want I can see if I can't help the spirit too, she seems confused. I'll see if she wants to move on...
Yep, shes good now. She was very confused why someone was in her house, and she didn't know that she was dead. So she was a little pissed that someone was in her house and ignoring her, in her point of view.
Now it does sound like you have other spirits which are attached to you, but you can get rid of them pretty easily with the power of Dominion. Let them know they they are not to bother you or anyone in the house ever again. If you have anymore trouble you can contact me at mhodgson3095 [at], or you can consult with the folks over in the Lightworkers Lab, which is a big spiritual community that Crystal Anne Compton created, shes the woman in the video.

Here is the video on psychic Dominion:
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-24)
I have always had paranormal encounters. Thankfully I seen shadow figures at the corner of my eye, and not in front of me. I would probably have peed. This guy is a male and a female I think. The room I am sleeping in is the previous homeowner mother who is deceased. I didn't know who she was until she appeared clearly in my dream in this room.
ArcanumInvestigator (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-24)
i do get that feeling from time to time, I'm not sure what your abilities are I am too discovering my own. Sounds like you might have an attachment ask what she wants. Is she watching over you to help or does she need to crossover?

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