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Father Forsee A Person Death And They Don't Live


I recently had a premonition dream about someone being pregnant and I seen the house the person is connected to. Today I found out that a cousin of mines connected to the house was pregnant. My dad forsees a person death. Over the years he would tell a person if they don't stop doing something such as eating to much, it's going to kill them. My dad is completely evil.

He is a sociopath and doesn't care about your life. He uses his death foreseeing to kill others off for fun. His best friend went to the hospital for tests on his health after concerns of chest pains. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong. He came to talk to my dad after having beers with him and my father told him that if he don't lose that weight it's going to kill him. He had a heart attack that same week. When I was young, my Father told a guy that if he kept taking Viagra it's going to end up killing him. That guy was found dead with the cause of an apparent heart attack.

Everyone was questioning​ my Father because of what he was doing. He can tell you that you are going to die just because he didn't like you. Nobody has ever survived his words and he would tell me "well I told him taking those pills going to kill him". My Father wasn't always like this. The more money he got, the worse he became. He only wants to destroy people to make his life better for controlling. That person he focused on destroying was me.

He has no feelings at all towards anyone. I don't think he has this gift anymore. For the first time he is now losing everything. He's becoming weak. That power he has is crumbling. My Father has always burden my life with the use of his money now he's losing it. He has talked to people for power and with no regret made sure he knew you were a mistake. The image he portrayed in public was for power. I use my gifts to help others not control and abuse. I watched so many people get told by my Father that they were going to die, and never survived. He thought this was funny to him

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