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Spiritual Journey, Ready Or Not


I'm reluctant to fully embrace my abilities, because with it comes a journey into the unknown. Also, strange occurrences start happening every time I start searching again. My grandfather was a Taoist priest/Shaman. Because I was raised as a Christian, I always thought that his practices were "evil." He helped spirits of the dead pass on. I may have inherited some spiritual abilities from my ancestors, as there were Taoist priests/Shamans from both sides of my parents lineages. I've had dreams of this grandfather. He is always happy and looks to be enjoying the afterlife. It was surprising, because I thought he would have ended up in hell.

It wasn't until I was a teen did I begin questioning things. I had my first "known" out of body experience. A spirit tried to communicate with me, during this time. I blocked it out of my mind, until I could no longer hear it. I was terrified. I didn't want to acknowledge it, because if I did, it would be that much harder to walk out the door after opening the gateway to communication.

As a young adult, I practiced removing my consciousness from this waking reality into the next. It came naturally for me, as I am a light sleeper. Mind awake, body asleep. I was self taught. Sleep paralysis, shadow creatures, invisible forces that make it almost impossible to move forward in a projection, I've faced them all. I got to the point where I could get pass these things and travel to other places. There's nothing like flying and freeing one's mind.

I stopped actively forcing myself to project, up until recently. The reason was, that I started having many false awakenings. So many, that it became difficult to differentiate what was real and what wasn't. I saw some things that shouldn't be there, as I would awake and drift off to sleep again. One was a glowing glyph node on my bedroom wall. Another was a man watching me fall asleep through my doorway.

I've had one precognitive dream this year, that really got me thinking again. In this dream, I was on the beach. A giant emerges from the ocean, steps onto the shore, and continues walking forward. I woke up. Soon after that morning a earthquake hit my town, originating from the ocean floor. Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe it was something else.

I've always been able to "read" people. Positive or negative, I am highly sensitive to feeling other peoples' thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-24)
Hey Petals_of_Tomorrow,

Your experiences are interesting, especially the one with your grandfather. At least you know he is okay.

Also, as you have been growing in the christian society which was converted in the recent years, you should keep on mind that religion can't affect everything that you do and think. It should only be treated as a general guidelines rather than strict way of living.

I hope that you become a strong and independent in your spiritual journey

Berellic (54 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-22)
I like hearing about your experiences and I am more interested in your projection encounters because I too have faced encounters much similar to your descriptions. When Projecting I always place protection in energy manifestations of shields and white cleansed energy to surround my body and environment about 360 degrees expanding about 20ft around me. If your not already placing protection then I recommend you do so, if you don't know how then I would be glad to help you out and anyone out there who have similar experiences.

One of the biggest reasons why I recommend protection is because it can also play a major factor in seeing the wrong stuff in perception because certain energies can distort what we focus on pursuing to see. Being grounded with positive energies is always important with every spiritual activity we pursue.

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