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Able To Sense, See And Talk And Hear Spiritual Stuff


I'm assassin and I don't know exactly what I am when it comes to that stuff. So I've always been able to sense, see and talk and hear spiritual stuff. My most recent one was seeing a Firebird but it wasn't exactly a Firebird, it was bluish white and it was glowing (i'm really sorry about any spelling problems I have dyslexia) but here's a better example: when I was six years old, My great grandma had recently died put her ashes up in the cabinets and about a month later she was sitting in her usual chair and I started talking to her. I was sitting there for about an hour and a half talking to my great grandma When my mom came walking by and she told me to tell my mom that she loved and missed her, and then she disappeared I told my mom that my great grandma loved her and missed her, Both of my siblings have things like this and so does my mom so it's no surprise that I have this stuff but I somehow have more. Another good time is when I had a dream the day before my third day of second grade. It was about my entire day that I was going to have it and it was really crazy. I had dreamt that it was somebody's birthday and that they were going to bring ninja turtle cookies then that exact thing happened, it was absolutely crazy (and then I got sick from eating too many of them 😂) my little sister has always been able to feel and know what people are feeling. My little brother feel spirits. And like I said I can see and talk and sense and hear spirits. Another example is my great great grandma had died years before I was born (at least 20 years)

Well I had met her in a dream. The funny thing is is that I have never seen her picture and I was always able to describe exactly what she look like to my mom. Well that's all I have right now so please help me and let me know little bit more about things like this. I will put into mind I am a medium and a Starseed from what we know.

With a lot of love,

Assassin wasp

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Zenni-bear (1 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-15)
James5006, not all of us are "teenagers". Some of us are well passed puberty. It would be best that you do not judge.
James5006 (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-10)
I swear this site is like a "teens through puberty" anonymous group. Most of these posts are people who think they are special, when in reality their pubertal hormones are seeking attention and importance, so they just GOTTA be different than others, there is no way they are like other humans. 😲

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