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My Story (pt 2)


On my last story I mentioned my psychic abilities and me possibly being an empath. I want to address this in this part of my story the first thing I want to address would be my psychic abilities my first ability is clairaudience. I believe I don't have full control over it but ever since I was a kid i' d hear my name being called a lot, I would also hear other noises like music, or a ringing sound. Now that I'm older I don't hear my name called that much or any other noises, but the middle of my forehead sometimes feels weird and when I go to bed at night I hear people talking right before I fall asleep or when I'm trying to go to sleep. It felt as if my mind was some kind of radio I also hear a high pitched ringing sound now I'm just unsure if I really do have this ability or not. I also have vivid dreams some of them relate to my past life some of them I wake up and can't remember or understand what happened in it. I have these scrambled memories of my past life with the evidence I have I do believe the memories I have are quite real I also believe I met my spirit guide which was a past life friend of mine. As for being an empath I'm not sure If I am or if I'm just a really sensitive person because I'm just really really kind and nice I never want anyone to get hurt or be sad it's almost as if I don't understand how it feels to be mean to someone or untruthful. It's the reason I feel or at least felt like I didn't belong in this world because I was different in that way. Anyway in really hope I can find myself one day or maybe even this year with past life memories coming back who knows what will happen.

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IMissMyHome (1 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-08)
please email me at areswulf911 [at]

I think we are very alike, and I feel just like you

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