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I am 17 years old this year and I'm new to psychic abilities, or no? I wanted to post my story here so that people could read and at least suggest me some opinion weather its real or not or I'm just making an assumption.

Basically 3 years before, I'm 13 that time and I remembered the incident held in my school. Me and my friends were playing and one of my friend did something to trick me so I jokingly say that I wish for it to rain when she goes home from school later (it was sunny that time). And no longer after that, it really rained. Is it just a coincidence or no? But ever since that, I started saying out wishes and hopes for rain and it really does! Whenever someone offended me, I could felt a sensation of wind suddenly blowing strongly. Later on after me and my friends got separated, I stopped on thinking about these stuff.

Somehow, this year I started realizing it that whenever I got angry, the rain would come and more worse, lightning might struck. Is it a coincidence or is there anyone doing something behind this? I really hope to know the answer to this because from what I see in the internet is that, aerokinesis requires physical movements but not just by saying out a few words or feels!

Other than that, (this is either imaginary or real), when I'm young a remember there's once when my mom pulls the curtains and let the lights into our room and my hand suddenly produce a fire thingy. I hope I didn't remember it wrongly but that's really what I see that time. It's just that one time though. Please help me figure out if there's anything wrong with me!

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Jill2sea (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-18)
That's encouraging. Thank you. I don't feel so alone now. I've also had things happen with a Ouija board.
Zenni-bear (1 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-18)
There is nothing wrong with you, you're just different. Nothing wrong with being different.

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