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I really don't know how to start this. So I'm just going to vent and tell about what I've experienced I really didn't join this website for answers I joined it because I felt really alone I don't anymore so that's why I decided to sign up for it. Anyway ever since I was a kid I never felt as if I fit in with anyone else and felt lonely I never really felt as if I was human.

One night I came from inside and I went into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror my eyes were a completely different color there usually brown but when I was looking in the mirror they were red and I've felt like I was called to do something like make the world a better place or help others that are struggling.

And then there was another night I was coming from outside and went into the bathroom my brothers room is right across from it I saw the door open by itself and a chair falling by itself and felt a strange energy then another time when I was younger (9).

I was just logging off from my playstation, and I forgot to turn off a light so I went back to turn it off and when I did I seen a girl standing in the kitchen when this person started walking toward me I ran upstairs and told my mom when she went to check no one was there.

In 2013 or 14 I isolated myself from the world and was just getting over a break up one day I had a very strange dream about someone I've never even met before and they told I knew them from a past life. Then I met the same person at least I think their the same person after I met them my whole life changed I call them my soulmate or twinflame, but everyone around me is calling me crazy now for believing it and they think I need help because I mention my past experiences to them as well and i'm just not sure anymore i'm sure if i'm just going crazy or if i'm in denial.

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Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
Your in the right place.
Many people have the same feelings and experiences. There is nothing wrong with you.

Re twin flame, take caution.
Many times the euphoria is replaced by hurt.
I found it important to allow time to prove trust and a path.

These are just my thoughts.

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