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Possible Visions From My Past/home?


This past June, I had an odd vision. It was during the night. I was outside and the moon was very big and bright. As I looked up to admire the moon, I got a very deep and sudden flash of a place.

This vision I saw- The place felt real, I knew it was real.

The place I saw was in a desert canyon and on each side of the walls were houses carved in the canyon walls. They had windows and doors. It was bright and sunny out. There were pennant flags hanging above the houses. For some reason, I knew that there was some type of celebration going on. The odd part about it... I felt the energy coming from the town. The energy felt very positive, excited and happy. What's even odder, is not only that I knew this was currently happening as I saw it but I knew that the place I was looking at wasn't on earth at all. It was somewhere else in the universe.

Unfortunately, I only saw the front end of the town, facing out towards the desert flats.

The next vision I saw, was month later. I live by a mountain surrounded by hills. Of course, the area was dry so the grassy hills were golden. When I looked towards them, I suddenly saw the hills turn into hills of sand. I never seen them in that way, I always saw them just as golden grassy hills. For a few minutes, I seen them like that.

The last one, wasn't a vision at all. I have an extension on my Google Chrome. It shows random artwork from different artists (current), every time you open a new tab and each time, it's randomly different. When I opened three different tabs, all the pictures were about the desert. I felt that this wasn't a coincidental thing.

I've always known that I never belonged here as a child and I was always different and I slightly found out what I am. But I am still discovering new things.

Any thoughts on this?

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