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I Meet Death Or Something Else?


During the morning hours of today (04/11/2017) while I was asleep I had quite the lenghty dream.

Alhtough most of the time I was seeing everything in a first person view, in some instances I would watch myself from outside of my body while I was doing things insidie my dream. I had strange dreams before, but one thing that marked this one was that in the three times that (I remember of) the dream changing it's background and it's "happenings" there was always two constant things.


-The girl that looked like my age, had long black hair and pale skin, pale green or even white eyes and a smile that someties would be a smirk (even if she mostly looked serious when I wasn't interacting with her). That girl presented herself to me as Death.

First setting I've seen her I was opening a metallic door that would led me to something that was a mix of a huge public bathroom with dark blue tiles, and a militaristic place like a submarine. When I opened the door wanting to go to the other side she was there, she smiled at me and when I asked who she was she said "I'm Death" or "My name is Death".

Second setting I've seen her was a mix of inside a huge and luxurious room of a zepellin steampunk-style.I don't remember what exactly I was doing, only that I was consciously hanging by a ledge (holding with my hands) while going around something and she would express concern about that. I even remember to have said to her "Are you worried about me now?" in a playful way and shw only scowled.

Last setting that I remember I was laid in a makeshift boat (not in shambles like those in survival settings) and gently rocking with the waves. I could see the clear sky and the sun and looking up I saw her looking down to me. Then she said something that I couldn't make out what it was and she gothold of a small container that appeared out of nowhere and she started to apply something in my body and my face (specially above and in my eyes). It looked like a mix between honey and something of gel, it wasn't so thickto be solid, but it wasn't that liquid as well.

I could only think of that as somekind of honey or a substance similar.

As she applied this on me she said " (She spoke some emperor's names, as if to say that it was used on important people?)..."

Then I woke up after closing my eyes for a last time and letting her apply the stuff in my eyes.

I don't know if that was Death, if that was someone of a past life, if that was a different being. I only know that the feeling I got whenever I looked at her always made me realize that I was inside a dream. It was as if she was my only means to get "lucid", but only when I interacted directly with her, otherwise I would go just like my subconscious scripted it to be. The last part made me feel as if it was really important but I don't know why.

Is there anyone here that can decipher dreams or at least get what it all was?

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