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Is It The House Or Is It Me?


I work in a house with one or two spirits. Many staff have their own/shared experiences but lately I've been getting a lot, I don't know if this is a childhood gift coming back.

My first I don't remember myself but relatives have said that I used to see and talk to my great grandfather. Could describe him would tell stories similar to what he'd tell his grandchildren. He used to live next door to where I was living at the time and the dog would go bark and stare at wherever he was. Not much happened until I was twelve the day before my cousin died I found a home video of him (had no idea that we had it) the next day I just knew and started crying long before my mum told me

Not much until last year (aged 24) when my fiancé and I moved into a flat with something we've both felt, we both disliked the feeling in the bedroom. We didn't want to be alone, I felt watched, he also had dreams of a lady begging to be helped or freed and saw a face in the condensation of a window. Since moving out we only felt something similar for the first month or so

At work I've been there for three years and have always felt something, in one room I just feel the need to get out as soon as and things get lost. In the main house things move and get the odd noise, this past month I've heard footsteps with no one there on my own and with another member of staff. Had whispers in my ear and a clear woman's voice calling out hello and catching movement in the corner of my eye

How do I go about this safely?

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