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House Hunting Fright


I come from a family who have many psychics on my mothers side, I've had experiences but am unable to control them. This is the first of many I will share with you, they are not in chronological order.

In the 1990's I was newly married, wishing to purchase an older type house in Devon, England. For many months we physically searched the towns and villages, also using the internet. There was no rush in our search so we built up quite a large quantity of houses to visit. One day we were reading through some details of available homes and became surprised with one particular property that seemed too good to be true. It was a three bedroomed semi detached property, over 200 years old in the centre of a beautiful Devonshire village. The asking price was many thousands of pounds less than we thought it should be so we made an appointment to see it.

When we arrived at the property a few days later we met with the estate agent outside it's front door. A smartly dressed man carrying a clipboard and lighting up a cigarette. He seemed nervous, even a little anxious as he refused point blank not to accompany us into the house. We initially thought this was strange and poor customer service but we took the keys from him.

It was a large heavy wooden door and we immediately had to step down onto the lowered stone floor. I immediately sensed it had been empty for some time. It was cold, a little damp and had an oppressive feel as we walked into the main Lounge. Trying to be positive I thought my feelings were because of the low ceiling and that there had not been any heating in there for some time. Trying not to influence each other, I examined the ground floor and my wife went upstairs.

Initially, I liked the downstairs areas and could see it's potential so I walked upstairs to join my wife.

Standing in the landing I saw a quaint little window near the top of the stairs. My thought was to look out of it to survey another different area of the garden. As I stopped near the window an incredible invisible force took me by the back of the neck and began pushing my head towards the window. I'm a big powerful man so I put both my hands against the wall either side of the window. It was to no avail, my head was now in the window space and my face being pushed nearer the window pane. I grunted like a weight lifter as I tried to stop my face reaching the window pane. Still pushing away with all my might my wife took hold of my waist and with a sudden tug I was broken free of this force.

In shock, shaking and feeling a strain in the muscles of my upper arms and neck we quickly walked down stairs and out of the front door. The estate agent saw how distressed we were and seemed as frightened as us. I was unable to speak, so my wife said to him, 'You knew something was going to happen didn't you'? He replied, 'I was hoping it wouldn't'.

Once out of the house, I recovered quickly. To this day, I do not know what it was or what it was trying to do or show me.

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