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I was having a drink in a local very old pub, the landlord told everyone there was going to be a paranormal investigation team doing a search after closing time. We were told they were well known for their TV investigation work all over the UK. I put my name forward to be part of the investigation witness group, more of an interest than anything serious.

They set up their various pieces of investigation equipment in every room then asked us to walk with them throughout this large old pub. The landlord was giving an interesting commentary of it being built several times over other buildings in the same place. Although I had frequented this building on many occasions in the past I hadn't felt anything out of the ordinary.

As a group, we entered the highest then graduated to the lowest and oldest area of the building. We were asked to sit in this type of cold and damp dungeon area and collect any spiritual feelings that came our way.

I was stunned and shocked by a sudden movement at the front of my body. I then felt the most intense pain from the front of my stomach going further into my body. I have never been stabbed but this is exactly what it must feel like. I actually had the feeling of a cold long item being pushed into my stomach deeper and deeper.

As I was being helped by some of the investigation team out of this space, another had this feeling and shortly joined me out of the room.

I was in shock, pale, shaking and feeling nauseous for a little while but recovered.

Not a pleasant experience.

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Lyro (468 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-15)
Hey AnneV, it's been a while. I've never really liked paranormal investigation teams like this though, most feel like hoaxes. To be fair I've had plenty of times of having spirits just around me and in my room, so seeing a "team" like that go to different places when they could easily just find spirits all over the place just normally feel sketchy. Just my thoughts anyways. In no way am I saying ghosts and spirits don't exist, and I've had my own feelings from spirits and such, I just don't like investigation teams like that.
~ Lyro
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-11-12)
The pain part doesn't sound good but being in a very old pub and participating in an event like that does. You're lucky to live in an area of so much history. I love old buildings and enjoyed seeing England a few years back (was awestruck by Stonehenge and thought the Lake District was gorgeous). That's great you are open to these things and volunteered.

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