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Am I Really Seeing Energy Or Auras?


One day I was watching videos and I came across a website talking about auras. I thought it might be interesting. When I read it I realized I've seen them. I never really had noticed them until then. I questioned it a lot. I'm I really seeing these? The next day I talked to my friend, she was supposedly psychic so I told her how to start reading the auras which I had read on the website. She tried it and she could too see them. She read mine and said it was purpleish pink which matches my personality perfectly. Pink meant artistic, sensitive and loving. I'm am I all of the above. So did hers. We messed around with it a bit and we got the same answer on the colors. We tried it on a boy in our class (he is a jerk) and his aura was dark. Like a mucky green. And my mothers was yellow. I never thought of myself as psychic so I wasn't sure it was true. I haven't told my family because I know they won't believe me they never really believed that type of stuff. People who are mean have dark colors and nice people have bright ones. I have seen lots of other people saying they had similar stuff happening. I have read a bit more into to it some said it could be a synesthesia symptom but I'm not sure. Other things like cars or things like that also have the "auras". Sometimes I get weird looks because I'm staring blankly at people trying to see there aura. Once when I was looking at a teacher to figure out there aura and the look she gave me, I don't think she wants to talk to me anymore😝

Is this real?

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-25)
I think your on to something. I will try it also. I heard good people have lighter auras. Tormented or wicked have darker auras.

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