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Increasing Paranormal Activity And Violent Nightmares


My family and I moved into our rental house last year. The first few months we lived here, I never liked being in the house. I did everything I could to stay out all day and not have to be in the house, ever (I am a stay at home parent). After about 4 months of being here, I was taking a nap and after waking up and laying in bed for about a minute, I heard a female voice say "We found you, Kaity" (This is what my whole family and anyone who knew me growing up/into my early 20's called me). It was clear as day. The voice was gentle, and kind, almost like a grandma. There was no one there. Before this and after, there has been activity in this house. I always felt like someone was watching me from the second story at the top of our stairs, which looks over the bottom floor. Footsteps along the 2nd floor carpet hallway have increased, and if I don't use a white noise machine or anything I hear things being moved all night in the other bedrooms. Recently this has progressed to very obvious and loud dragging noises along that same hallway, like someone is dragging their feet. I can literally now hear the carpet being slid on when I am downstairs on the couch. When I was laying in my bed the other day, I heard music playing near my bed, almost from a music box. There was nothing there, not even toys. Now I have been hearing crying downstairs while I am upstairs in my bedroom. I thought that it was my husband at one point, but when I brought it up to him the next day he said he was not home until hours later and even showed me text messages on his phone from when he was with his friends during the time I heard the very loud, clear sobbing noises from downstairs. Here is the thing, my husband has always heard the footsteps and the dragging along the carpet, but he said he hears FEMALE crying coming from other rooms of the house often only to find me asleep or not there. Now on top of everything my nightmares are getting worse and more violent. Last night I woke up from an extremely violent nightmare, only to feel a strong negative presence standing behind me. Obviously I saw nothing. My husband and I both see shadows moving in the corners of our eyes, and at one point I have felt something in the same room as me that turned the area cold, and then went through me (which caused me pain). My children hate this house and constantly say they want to leave. I am scared at the rate I am experiencing these things and am wondering what I can do to stop them? Nothing about the footsteps or crying feels like it is a good thing. Any advice or help is appreciated!

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-09)
Hi missrose5694, I too feel that you should stay far away from a seance, channelling, the Ouija or Spirit Board. Those paths are fraught with danger and will cause further complications.

I do hope you will find the advice you've received from ThulsaDune beneficial to you and your family. Spring cleaning is a great "cleansing" activity. So cleanse first, then bless and shield. It is best that the whole family is part of whatever blessing ritual you decide to do. Once all of that has been completed, you should still regularly cleanse the house as a preventative measure.

Be Safe and Well. 😘
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-01)
Good evening missrose5694,
I have a lot of experience in these situations. Some things I post might rub some people the wrong way, but I truly only want to help. I have been exposed to this stuff since childhood and I am now 50 years old. I have been told in the past that my writing is kind of blunt and some times scary, but I will try to take it easy. You can click on my name to go to the profile page and read some of my past posts and stories. I am sometimes compelled to help specific people or answer specific issues.
If you want you can send me a private email with some questions for advice. I will post some info here to help educate or advise others with similar issues.
I get visions and images of remote places sometimes and all the tumblers start to click and fall into place. I am not able to understand the visions and images and information at first until a puzzle piece syncs up or fits in just right.
Ok here we go. I had images come into my mind and sight about 2 weeks ago. I believe it is of your home by the way you describe what is happening. Things started to sync up or fall into place for me as I started reading. I have experienced many of the same things in many different homes. I am going to try to be kind of vague with some of the info, but you will understand what I am trying to hint at. Some people on this site might get it and some are going to disagree with me. I want you to know that this is for you and will cost you nothing and I don't want anything and don't need validation. Keep it to yourself.
Now, look in the upstairs closet farthest from the upstairs landing. There were items that used to be stored there by a previous tenant. Don't tell anyone of what you find. Just know that this is the first place in your home to cleanse. You need to do some spring cleaning in your home. You may need to find a local psychic or light worker to help you and I would advise you to bring a priest in at the end to walk through and bless the home. Do not and I repeat do not let anyone come in the home and perform a seance, or use a Ouija board or try to channel in this home! They will make it much worse! They will be deceived by what is there and will unleash things they cannot handle. I cannot help you from remote with this, but someone similar or familiar with these issues would need to go to the home in person.
You have the power and ability to take control of your space and shut down what is happening.
I will tell you how to know if you have the right psychic for this issue. Do not post your real name or address on this site. Do not tell the psychic what I am about to write. They will know or feel or they won't and this will tell you if you have the right one to handle this.
My visions on this are accurate and a local Indian Shaman could verify this for you about what I will describe.
You have intersecting multiple Ley Lines at your site. There is a huge amount of Telluric energy on the property. A group of people in the past thought it would be fun to experiment with this. I saw images of people dressed in 70's clothes messing with things they should not have.
You have residual energies and things left over from the past. You also have things in the present trying to use these energies to mess with you and your family. Your white noise machine is not helping things either. I am going to bet that you are hearing what sounds like a radio turned on and turned down low in the other end of the house from you. Kind of a murmur just enough for you to take notice and bug you.
I also got an image of something left in the kitchen in a cabinet. Don't tell anybody what it is or should I say was. Let the real psychic sense it. That person will be able to sense, feel, or zero in on where it was located. There is still residue there.
Above all cleanse and protect yourself and your family. Let your husband return to or work on his spirituality that he felt when he was younger. 😉 I want to repeat again don't let someone bring in a Ouija board or like contrivance into this home!
Do not let someone try to channel a spirit on-site to find out more about what is going on in the home. Burning sage is ok and won't hurt with some of the issues. The use of salt is ok with some of the issues. I would suggest using lavender in places throughout the home. It also makes a wonderful lemonade mix.
A big one is finishing off with a Priest or even an Indian Shamanic Cleansing Ceremony if it won't bother your husband too much. It is up to you personally. This will sound ridiculous to some people on this site, but even a group walk through in the house is a good finishing touch. Think of it like Christmas caroling. A group of people praying and reading scriptures, or even singing songs can put some spirits to rest. I have witnessed it move some spirits to cross over. All of us are learning together all the time. We don't know everything. I was a skeptic about many things until they hit me face to face.
I hope any of this will help you in some way. I will keep you in my thoughts for a while and hope for the best for you and your family. 😊

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