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Sleep Paralysis And Paranormal Experiences


When I was 14 I had my first sleep paralysis experience. This happened a month into living in a new apartment. The apartment had three rooms and small hallway. I woke up in the middle of the night and had both an out of body experience combined with sleep paralysis. Still laying in bed, I knew that the hallway light was on yet my family was not awake. I heard running up and down the hallway and children laughing one second then crying the next. Then there was silence and I was laying in bed with my eyes feeling the door open and a creature walk in. I say creature because whatever it was it was not human. My body would not let me open my eyes no matter how much my mind told me it was only a dream. I tried to convince myself it was only a nightmare as I felt them come closer until they were looking right at my face. I kept my eyes shut but could feel its breathe on my face as they watched me. They suddenly left. My body relaxed for a second before I felt myself lifted out of my room and taken to my brothers room. Only that it wasn't really my brothers room. They had bunk beds and the room I was put in was barren with mattress in the middle of the room. I suddenly awoke in my own bedroom. I didn't sleep after that for the rest of the night. A week later I decided to finally tell my mother about the experience. She listened then told me she wasn't surprised at all as she had had a similar experience. She said she had heard the running up and down but she had gotten up because she felt a presence in her room. She opened her closet and saw a child crying in the corner. She then said she woke up for real. My family has had previous experiences with spirits including that of a man my mother and I thought was impersonating an uncle who had died as a child. This "haunting" happened to my great grandmother in Mexico up until her death a few years ago. We believe a spirit took advantage of the loss of her child to feed on her suffering. She would say he would sit next to her on the bed and peer in through the windows at night. My mother and I saw someone peering in the window one night but it was not a child. We saw the shadow of a man standing outside our second story window. There was no ledge for anyone to stand on and no one at the window yet there was a shadow on the wall of a man. In both of these experiences my mother and I had no clue about the previous story of the places we were in. We didn't know my grandmother thought she was being taken care of by the spirit of her son. We also had no clue that the previous tenants of our apartment had been a women that physically abused her many children until she was arrested and her children put into foster care until our landlord told us about her own experience. I still have sleep paralysis but haven't talked to a doctor about medication because I don't believe I had an experience in which my life has been in danger. I feel sad for the many spirits trapped in places but I do not expect any harm from them.

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Jocelyn-M (5 stories) (30 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-04)
I use to have sleep paralysis like crazy to the point where every single night I was getting it and it was always a negative experience I can say now that I haven't had it happen as much anymore but it still does happen and its terrifying my personal and only explanation is that spirits are always around us and sometimes they break through to our side as much as they can which happens in our dream state because when your dreaming your mind is completely open and is it scary absolutely and do you wish it never happened again 100000% but unfortunately that isn't the case and as someone who has experienced this as often or more often than you I can say that you learn to deal with it in a sense, I plug my ears which may seem silly but it helps me feel more in control and if you arent able to do this that's okay practice it because what I found with my paralysis is that I ALWAYS knew when it was coming I would get a weird feeling in my ears I truly hope you can fight this awful experience because it is the worst love and light jo ❤
T4K3R (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-12)
I used to have sleep paralysis with a twist. About 3 years ago then 4 years before that then another time when I was 18. 3 years ago it was the worst though. I had been waking up unable to breath or move after a few nights of this it got worse. I woke up and could feel something looking at me like a short dark long haired person. I would then begin to breath again with acid shooting into my throat so bad I could hardly breath from bit being able to for about 30 seconds it was really intense. The acid in my throat was like fumes had been put in front of me. I couldn't catch my breath. I would try to call out to my wife and all I could do was moan like the sound someone would make if there mouth wasn't open. I called my grandmother over with her sister they read some things from the bible with sage burning. The second they opened the door the sage went out like a burst of wind put it out. It hasn't happened again. It was a really scary thing to happen as I have had many things happen to me this was the most threatening.

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