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Experiencing Paranormal But Recently Accepted Myself


Even though my story is long I'm still learning about my abilities since my awakening. I hope someone can share their experiences so I can learn even more and not feel alone. I'm not sure where to start in tuning into my abilities on my own. I have gotten use to being watched and followed so it's pretty normal.

In life it always felt like I'm being lead somewhere. Basically the feeling of air walking. My abilities are used best to protect me or some other weird way. As far as using my abilities on my own I'm still working on that. I always had paranormal encounters and was led on to the paranormal world at an early age. I couldn't pay attention to nothing in high school until the 12th grade. When I read the messages I use to write in High school, I was completely angry and displaying eratic behavior. Imagine being somewhere you are today, you don't know how you got there after going through a repeated cycle, and you finally served your purpose to get you out this cycle. All of this was synchronicity and I didn't even know it. I didn't have pick up a book until I got to High school. I didn't read books because I already knew about the assignments. In high school I really loved economics. I mostly didn't read the book in class because I already knew what the teacher was talking about. Since I could remember I couldn't pay attention to math or anything that made me think. I picked up electronics and knew how to work them. I didn't need instructions to do anything. This whole entire life experience feels like "get done with investigations first then come back for education". I been in investigations since 2012 and each investigation was tied to a previous investigation. I get thanks for my help even with awards. So now that I completed my mission I can go back and work on what I missed in High School life. It feels like I was being lead by something because everything is synchronicity like the game of connect the dots but you blind walking. The times I was energy drained turned out to be a good thing. It feels like I was born to "investigate first and come back to education." I been in colleges for a while and it was hard to stay in one because there was an investigation afterwards. I feel like the decision I made was me being lead to places to get me to my new life. In every college, I would always get assigned to a room on the last floor and I would sleep on the same side of the room. The furniture of the room would look the same and the windows will be position the same as well. I didn't notice this until later. Each college I attended, I got assigned a room on the last floor with everything the same. The room would be in the same area my other rooms were and almost in the exact same location. I never had a stabled roommate because they felt uncomfortable around me. The longest roommate I had was 6 months because she asked me to move in. I would be on the 5th floor which was the last of the building or the last floor but in the 5th room. I served my purpose in 2015. I have had experiences where I would be in situations and people tried to harm me. These same people either went to jail or lost their jobs behind the matter. Its a instant karma behind someone tries to harm me. When I was a victim of domestic violence, my abuser family tried to throw me in jail. Files came up missing and investigations started that way. I would have traffic tickets and somehow the paperwork for community service came up missing. Every court case someone tried to throw on me was null processed because files would come up missing or the gender on the paperwork would be wrong. It was a doorway through corruption. Imagine being a FBI shadow. Each place they left, I was being sent behind them not even knowing it. The largest drug operation house the FBI raided in my city, I had to move in that same house within hours of the FBI leaving the location. Working for the FBI has always been my dream. My entire life feels like synchronicity and playing the game connect the dots. It feels like I was put on a path to these situations that would ultimately meet them so instead I was behind them in movement. I didn't get here on my own. Someone is watching over me. I tell people all the time to imagine solving a puzzle that only you can solve.

I recently had my awakening. I have telepathy abilities, medium abilities, clairvoyant, claircogiznant, remote viewing, empath, clairsentince, remote viewing, natural channeling, lucid dreaming, and synchronicity plays a large part of my abilities. I also experienced paranormal occurrences. I'm afraid of being in the house by myself. I had a dream recently about a woman who was in my room going back and forth with towels from my closet to the bathroom which is across the hall. I later found out that this woman is the previous homeowner mother and she's deceased. Everything with my abilities is in patterns and out the blue always connected with something. I was sitting here one day and all of a sudden a plane number popped into my head. A few days later I learned the Air Force plane crashed a few hours from me.

The house I'm in now I'm afraid to be by myself. The house feels empty as if there's no furniture. When my mom leaves for work and it's still night outside, I don't come out the room until around 7a. M when the sun comes out... One night I was in the kitchen at night washing my hair and my mom was sleep. I had to repeatedly raise my head out the water. I had the strongest feeling of being watched and stared down from behind the kitchen table. When I\'m alone in the house, as soon as I leave the bathroom I'm being followed until I get to the room. When I'm in the kitchen making breakfast I can feel someone is standing so close on the tip of my heel following me. When the sun comes out is when everything is back to normal. The house has this heavy feeling again when the sun comes out.

Last week I had a dream about my best friend and she was my only best friend. I was a domestic violence victim and couldn't be there like I should because I was trying to avoid my abuser. I returned home and put my heart into her investigation and her family was looking for me including she was looking for me. In the dream she was alive and not dead. All the memories from High School, how we first met, and events leading from beginning of her investigation to the end of her investigation were revisited. The person who hurt her took his own life and in the dream the trial preceded even after his death, but in reality the trial didn't occur. She was sitting beside me laughing in the dream as events replayed.

When I lived with my dad I experienced paranormal. One day I was laying in the bed sleep and I heard the clicking noise of the light knob. The lights turned on and the knob was completely turned. At my dad house I seen things at the corner of my eye such as shadows. When I was in the house alone, regardless of day or night the house becomes eerie when I'm alone. When I'm in the kitchen especially at night I get the feeling of being watched. My dad night wearing robe came up missing while I was living there. Approximately three weeks later the robe appeared back in the closet neatly hanged up on a clothing rack in the center of the closet.

I move by my energy and I get the sudden urge to leave if something in the pattern comes up. When something bad is about to happen I will shake and my energy drops. I be completely drained and have been if that person is negative. The time I had my very first apartment I kept putting carpet powder on my floor with the hopes of vacuuming it up. I was drained and didn't have the energy to do so. I was putting powder on the floor for three days. Something told me to hide my laptop and I did. I left my apartment that day and wasn't gone 3 minutes and my apartment was broken into. This break in was part of a connection pattern like playing connect the dots. If something bad is about to happen or occuring my energy drops and I become drained. When I had a dream that was like remote viewing about pregnancies, it was always someone I known. I had dreams of someone looking at me in my face when I'm sleeping but when I woke up nobody was there. I thought when I woke up the man I seen would be sitting in my face. I later found out who he was.

Recently I took a trip with my sister. After leaving the bathroom, each room I passed the light turned on. I was walking towards the living room and before I got there the light turned on. My sister was sleep when I had this occurrence. I'm glad you wrote this article. My abilities seems to occur in a pattern and out the blue. I hope to learn more about my abilities and to be able to use them myself. I never been wrong. Being this way I'm just accepting it.

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ArcanumInvestigator (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-22)
You are not alone in your encounters. And certainly not on the time of things and life's sync or the watchful eye of those around you. So much of what you describe parallels my own. I truly feel your pain.

My family is a different story, yet it's not really common for us to talk about messages from our dead relatives. I'm learning and discovering my own PK and RV. Forged in fire from life. There are many options and others that are here to help in any spectrum and capacity.

Tristan Rimbaud

New Thinkng Allowed

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