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My Psychic Abilities Are No Longer Repressed Guidance Wanted


My name is Hannah and my story starts almost 2 months ago I started to use my formerly repressed Psychic abilities, I was born with them but due to family pressure and how others viewed it I chose to repress them.

Now at age 23 I'm regaining what I lost. So far I've had precognition, visions of the next few days events, but I can't remember them as clearly as I use to. I can see the dead and demons, I can hear them some. I have seen other versions of me or possible versions. In my visions and dreams I'm often speaking to them but I\'m not allowed to remember what we speak about. I use to have crystal clear visions, empath, see and hear the dead clearly, be able to instantly judge others as good or bad, do Reiki and save animals life and help heal humans with minimal training. Also animals were always drawn to me once I telepathically communicated to a horse. My mother and Grandmother often said I'm a Crystal adult. Not to sure about that. I do meet almost all of the Crystal and Indigo and Starseed trait list over 90%. I've had a vision where I have blue wings attached to me. I'm beginning meditation to awaken my light-body and raise my vibrations, and further open my third eye. Thing is there's a demon maybe two in my home. I've even had a demon claiming to be Abbadon, according to a psychic it felt like Abbadon. So far I've been possessed had other unpleasant stuff happen to me the demon that's around me right now is 9 ft tall black trench-coat and a hat no face. Hes trying to pretend to be slender man, hes appeared in my dreams, drains my energy, effects my emotions and makes me feel anger. It's the others that's the issue primarily. Please any help or advice on crystal star seed, demons, blue wing thing, or how to further awaken my psychic abilities would be insanely helpful! Thank you everyone for reading my story and any advice given. Also if possible can anyone psychically sense what's over here and what I should do as far as continuing to develop my abilities.

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LeBec (2 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-24)
Hi Amaris

I'm afraid that I can't help with anything other than the banishing of your demon (I am still exploring my own abilities and have just submitted a post requesting assistance with that. Hopefully it will be approved and posted soon).

I found this page first by joining the YourGhostStories (YGS) site (go to 'other related topics' at the top of this webpage and scroll down to 'Ghost Stories'). There is a member on that site named Rookdygin. If you navigate to his profile, he has an INCREDIBLY effective protection/banishing ritual that you can use to clear your home and pave the way for your psychic development. Please do go and check it out. I know a number of members on YGS have used his method successfully and Rook is well respected amongst that community.

Good luck
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-28)

Ok I am going to jump in hear quick and give my 2 cents worth. I want to clear something up about Demons and other malevolent entities. There are no good Demons. There are good Angels and bad Demons and no mix between. The only so called good Demon is one that is trying to deceive you. They will even try to pretend to be a helpful spirit or resemble an Angel. They only do this to gain your trust. I have dealt with many in the past. Do not trust them. Luckily I have the ability to see right through their deception or disguise.

Now as for the 9 foot tall trench coat shadow person. I have dealt with him before and he or it does exist. He is a coward in my book. He likes to pick on little children and adolescents. He loves to instill fear and attack people in their dreams. He will show himself in our realm at night to people and sometimes act very helpful. Do not be fooled and do not believe anything he tells you. He will also try to get you to contact him through a Ouija board. Don't do it.

Cleanse your home and especially your room. Take control of your space and work on protecting yourself. Use meditation to help quiet your spirit and improve balance.

Another thing, this tall entity can and will come in different forms and is in control of a few minions or helpers that will come in the form of spirit guides. Don't let them deceive you either. Ask them questions constantly to double check their answers. Ask them about Jesus and see if they get agitated or aggressive. Even in your dreams if possible. Don't worry you can't hurt their feelings. 😉
Just thought I would offer up a little info.
Creature_of_Darkness (9 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-26)
With the evil demon things, try acknowledge that some demons can be good despite any anger or fear they may try to instill in you. It would show that despite their attempts, you can still remain open minded. Evil-demons would likely try to cultivate the thought that all demons are evil in order to get you in a closed and prejudiced mindset, and those who are in a closed and prejudiced mindset are more acutely influenced by fear and anger and are more likely to commit evil. The thought that some demons can be good can really safeguard your morality.

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