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I have no idea what I am. I have guides that I've always talked to. Mostly just chit chat. Sometimes they alert me to problems. But the messages are vague at best. This spring I was saying hello to a canine friend of mine. My guides kept saying the dog would not be here much longer. The last three visits the same message. When I was holding the dog is when they would tell me. Three times they said he was leaving. Indeed that dog did die. Later this summer I was loving on my favorite cat. I heard the same message again. Someone's going to be leaving soon. The next day the best dog I ever had was run over in the street when he busted out of our fence. So last night the same thing happened again. Same cat. Same message. Someone is leaving soon. Again it came true. Just to my other cat instead. Once they told me one of my chickens was in distress. I searched and searched. I found her half dead from heat exhaustion in the coop. She was a dedicated mother and would not leave the nest for anything. I get messages. But they need to be more specific! So now I'm completely freaked out about the next time they say someone's leaving. Because they don't always say who it is. How am I to deal with it when I only get bad reception? I know they're only trying to help. But it's stressing me out. I use to think I was crazy. But now it's just the way things are. I know when the good spirits are with me I know what the bad ones feel like. I push them away. The ones that I can anyway. The point is how do you deal with being a crappy reader?

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white_wolf (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-25)
For me, they seams some parasites that didn't know or give much, but suck on your energy, by the attention you put on them... I would kick them out and maybe look for a higher connection.
ArcanumInvestigator (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-24)
Agreed, work on what relates to you and try to take the edges off. Just this week I had my roommates cat disappear. We knew something was wrong but didn't know, then 2 days later a crow appeared and wouldn't stop until I acknowledged. Problem is is one appeared before my dad died. Dreams and intuition. Have a more positive outlook. Hard I know but it is possible and definitely ask them on how to communicate better.

Good and bad are 1 but death isn't the end.
Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-22)
Hi Karlieann, you're blessed to have guides you can talk to. I usually have lingering impressions or emotions of varying degrees. Sometimes, I have messages in dreams. Most of the time they're frustratingly vague. But I find that meditation and finding that inner calm usually helps me focus better. When all the noisy background thoughts quieten down, suddenly a crystal-clear thought would float to the surface.

We are all constantly learning through life. Be gentle with yourself. 😊

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